Chapter: 731

Chapter 731 - Kill, Golden Eagle, Hidden Room

The wounding power of the Hidden Weapons which Qing Shui released in a fit of rage was absolutely terrifying. Upon feeling the frightening power of the weapons, Zuoshi Long had no choice but to change his direction. But as he was about to charge in again, the frightening Frosted Iron Ball once again assaulted him.

Aside from the previous Frosted Iron Ball which changed its trajectory, Qing Shui also tossed out another Frosted Iron Ball from his hand in the opposite direction to trap Zuoshi Long.


He shot out four Frosted Iron Balls all at once, this was the most Qing Shui could control for the time being. The four Frosted Iron Balls pushed Zuoshi Long back into a corner. No matter what he did, he wasn't able to avoid them. His strength has already been reduced significantly by Qing Shui, on top of being quite heavily injured from the previous blow, he was already very far behind Qing Shui.

Zuoshi Long immediately let two of the Frosted Iron Balls pierced through his shoulder and ribs as he clenched his teeth and attempted to once again charge towards the people from Qing Clan.

Unfortunately, he underestimated both the strength of the Frosted Iron Balls and Qing Shui’s speed. During this time, Qing Shui had long since...

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