Chapter: 729

Chapter 729 - Kill

Zuoshi Yi was stunned upon hearing Qing Shui’s words. The same thing also happened with the others. The reason why they spoke so much before was only to make Qing Shui realize the enormous gap in strength between Zuoshi Clan and Qing Clan.

However, the outcome truly exceeded his expectations. Zuoshi Yi looked quite pale and unsightly. At the time when he came, he had already promised Zuoshi Yun that he would help him achieve his goals by all means.

He was aware of the capability of Heavenly Palace and Qing Clan, which was why he brought four people along. The five of them were more than enough to make both Heavenly Palace and Qing Shui lower their heads.

“Haha, Qing Shui, the youngest patriarch from Heavenly Palace, the Heavenly Palace that is remarkable in your eye is just like an ant to Zuoshi Clan. Even you would be easily dealt with. If Zuoshi Clan had wanted it, we can eliminate Heavenly Palace and Qing Clan in an instant.”Zuoshi Yi was really furious. After all, he spoke so much only to be rejected by Qing Shui. This was the first time he met someone so insensible.

Whenever supreme aristocratic clans were mentioned, everyone would try to keep a good distance from them. They would even go so far as to politely allow the supreme clan to take away people from their clan. If the people were to turn down their...

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