Chapter: 723

Chapter 723 - Great benefits, Returning to the Qing Clan, Recovery of Memories

Red Cloud Chicken?

When Qing Shui saw a red colored chicken fly by, he used a strand of wind to knock it down. Dinner had fallen from the sky, Qing Shui looked at that chicken, it was about two-thirds of a meter, its body looked like red clouds and it could fly.

The Red Cloud Chicken tasted wonderful, it could be classified as a low-grade medicinal ingredient. It could only grow in this kind of place with red soil.

It was sold in other places as well but it was expensive. It was a luxury good for the rich clans because its taste was very attractive.

This day was very exciting and awkward for Qing Shui, after that spiritual Duo Cultivation, he felt another kind of excitement when he faced Di Chen, especially when their gazes met, the feeling caused Qing Shui’s body to go soft.

When it was night, Qing Shui released all the Demonic Beasts then entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

After checking, he realized he had made huge improvements from this Duo Cultivation of the consciousness with Di Chen, it had directly caused the Ancient Strengthening Technique to break through to the Peak of the 6th layer,...

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