Chapter: 708

Chapter 708 - The Gathering of the Three Clans, Murder

In just one night, the Old Ancestor of the Hai Clan seemed to had been severely wounded. Qing Shui didn’t need to think for a second to know that this was the work of either the Luo Clan or the Tu Clan.

When Qing Shui first met him, Hai Tian said he would use his remaining time to clear Hai Dongqing of all obstacles. Could it be that he went to meet with the Luo Clan or the Tu Clan last night?

“Old Ancestor, what happened?” Hai Dongqing and Hai Dongying both asked after they had exchanged a few words.

“My girl, I’m useless. I have caused you so much trouble yet again. The members of the Tu Clan had become even stronger. I couldn’t kill them, instead they have wounded me heavily.” Hai Tian looked disappointed. He initially thought that he could eliminate the strong martial warriors of the Tu Clan with the remaining days of his life. The worst thing that could happen was he would perish together with his enemies. But now, everything was over - the Hai Clan was now in real danger. The young man named Qing Shui was now their only hope.

Hai Tian already lived so long and had seen everything. Compared to others, he was already aware on what the Luo Clan would do next, and how the Tu Clan would behave. He also knew that the cultivation base of the head of the Luo Clan was from unrighteous techniques. All these years, a lot of women...

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