Chapter: 701

Chapter 701 - Completion of the Everlasting Pellet, Skywolf Crystal Card

The Five Tailed Immortal Fox's death was confirmed and Qing Shui now stared at the Skywolf. He could feel that this creature was sly and powerful, and could make most Beast Tamers to gave up any thoughts to tame this type of demonic beasts.

They don’t care if they could succeed, instead, they would choose to just get rid of it. The most important characteristic that Beast Tamers look for in a beast was loyalty.

Wuu wuu...

A pitiful cry rang out. When Qing Shui saw it, the Five Tailed Immortal Fox fell down. A big hole had been burned through its huge head.


The Mystic Bird let out a happy cry before it pounced for the Skywolf!

Roar... Wuu....

The Skywolf knew that it was in danger and anxiously howled out in fury. It jumped around and caused many wounds on the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion, however, its condition was also not any better.

There were no doubts on who would win when it was two against one. In the end the Skywolf, with its life at stake, had dealt a heavy blow on the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion. It splitted the stomach of the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion open that no one could tell if it would survive that blow.

The Skywolf understood that there was no way for it to escape, so it...

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