Chapter 68 - Realm of Sword Truths

Chapter 68 Realm of Sword Truths.

Chapter 0068 – Realm of Sword Truths

“It felt truly bizarre at that time, as though my vision was blurred. How could someone like you, at such a young age, and with a cultivation level not at the Xiantian realm be able to reach the Realm of Sword Truths? Although the move you trained in was extremely basic, it would still take uncommon wisdom, as well as many years of grinding before one could even remotely sense the doorway to the Realm of Sword Truths.” Wenren Wu-Shuang stared questioningly at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui embarrassedly rubbed his nose when he noticed the expression of awe on Wenren Wu-Shuang’s face when she looked at him. “I’m just a one-trick pony, I only know this basic move, and I only obtained some insights due to being stubborn, and relentlessly practicing just a single move for over 10 years. There is no way anyone else would want to expend such a huge amount of effort into perfecting just a single, basic strike.”

Wenren Wu-Shuang smiled, “That’s why I said, it is either you are an idiot, or you are a genius. However, you are correct, there is no way anyone else would be willing to do what you did.”

Qing Shui could only smile awkwardly. Back then, I could only learn through books, as well as experimenting by myself without a mentor to guide me. To me, seeking perfection was something normal, and thus, I only felt that what I did was right. Perfecting a single move, albeit derived from the basic techniques, and turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. It seems that somehow, unknowingly, he had managed to venture his way, and gain insights into the Realm of Sword Truth! But, what does Sword Truth mean? Only now did Qing Shui learn of this term – Realm of the Sword Truth

“What does the true meaning of Sword Truth signify?” Qing Shui inclined his head as he asked.

Wenren Wu-Shuang cast a glance at Qing Shui, before replying, “The levels of accomplishment in martial techniques could be classified as: Initial, Well-versed, Nimble, Master, Ancestor, Truth, Creation, Heaven, and lastly, Divine Perfection! The limits of the martial techniques of those at the peak of the Houtian Realm, was at the Ancestor level. Even for the Truth Realm, only a precious few of those in the Xiantian Realm would be able to gain sufficient insights and comprehend such a state. So tell me, do you think that you are worthy of our curiosity now?”

“The Realm of Truth, signifies a turning point from Houtian to Xiantian. To think that I met someone younger, whose cultivation was not even in the Xiantian Realm, and yet he already comprehends insights from the Realm of Truth. How could I not be curious?”

“Hey, let’s move the discussion over to behind the fake mountains. Platters of fruits and desserts are already ready for us to enjoy.” Wenren Wu-Gou interjected, as she fluttered her eyelashes at Qing Shui.

The three of them proceeded to the back of the fake mountain. With two ravishing beauties accompanying him, how could Qing Shui not feel joyful. However, he fully understood the distance between the current him, and the Xiantian Realm. The majority of men would immediately stop their advances upon learning the fact that Wu-Shuang was at the Xiantian level, but not Qing Shui.

After the three of them were seated, Qing Shui stole numerous glances at both Wenren Wu-Gou and Wenren Wu-Shuang. One was the incarnate of a succubus, while the other was holy and pure like a celestial maiden.

“Actually, there is something that I would like to request your help with.” Wenren Wu-Shuang candidly spoke.

“Help? But you are at the Xiantian level, what could I help you with?” Puzzlement shone in his eyes, as Qing Shui looked at Wenren Wu-Shuang

“It is precisely because of your sword techniques. I wish to personally experience a sword technique at the Realm of Truth. It would surely aid me greatly in my understanding of insights to reach the Realm of Truth. Of course, I won’t be expecting you to help me for nothing, I will compensate you.” Wenren Wu-Shuang seriously spoke.

Using my sword technique to spar against her shouldn’t be a problem, but she said earlier she could compensate me? Could the compensation be…. Qing Shui begin to laugh pervertedly with his inner voice as he imagined the possibilities while maintaining an outwardly calm appearance.

“Yup yup, hey little fellow, what are you thinking of? Why are there hints of lust in your eyes.” Wenren Wu-Gou teased Qing Shui.

“Damn, I was seen through?” However, Qing Shui decisively replied, “I’m already an adult, not a little fellow. Call me a man.”

Qing Shui somewhat hated the fact that he was young, because this kept leading to many girls who were between the age of 20+ to 30 considering as him nothing but a little boy. His heart grieved at the thought. How could they think that my weapon has no killing intent? It was already imbued with all my lust, and polished, ready to go at tip-top condition ages ago. Just give me a chance, I will show you what my weapon can do, anytime.

The words of Qing Shui, caused the two sisters to be stunned before bursting out into laughter, causing Qing Shui to feel even more helpless.

“Why don’t you let elder sister find a woman for you, transforming you into a real man.” Wenren Wu-Gou cunningly smiled as she teased Qing Shui.

Wenren Wu-Shuang stood by the side, smiling as she watched the back-and-forth between her sister and Qing Shui. This was the first time in a long while she had seen her sister this happy. If not for the fact that Qing Shui was so young, she would have thought that her elder sister had fallen for Qing Shui.

“There is no need to trouble elder sister to find others. Anyway this is my first time, rather than benefiting others, why don’t I benefit elder sister instead.” Qing Shui refused to let Wenren Wu-Gou off so easily after suffering her teasing, so he decided to openly state his intentions while allowing lust to fill his eyes as he laughed somewhat pervertly.

Regretfully, that perverted laughter and that lust-filled look didn’t really suit Qing Shui.  The “killing intent” emitted from Qing Shui was insufficient, and gave him a slightly adorable look instead.

(TL: The killing intent referred here, means sexual aura)

“Okay okay, let’s stop joking. You accompany Wu-Shuang to practice her sword techniques. I have to go get busy elsewhere! Let’s dine together later.” Wenren Wu-Gou stared suggestively at Qing Shui, before she left.

Looking at the seductive back view of Wu-Gou’s swaying hips, and those white shapely legs beneath her gown, Qing Shui grimaced. What a seductive woman indeed.

“Let us go to the training hall at the top of the building, and spar with each other.” Wenren Wu-Shuang said softly.

Qing Shui inclined his head in agreement as he followed Wu-Shuang to the top of the building. While on the way, Qing Shui could not help sneaking peeks at this holy, saint-like maiden.

Her beauty would be insulted if you compared it to mundane things like other women in the world. Instead, her beauty was on a far greater scale, like that of the setting sun, or the vastness of nature. She was akin to a snow lotus, holy and pure, incomparably graceful and elegant!

Looking at the snowy-white pyjamas Wu-Shuang wore, as she withdraw two wooden swords before passing them to Qing Shui, he couldn’t help but to ask:

“Er, don’t you need to change clothes?”

“It’s fine, if what you are wearing is uncomfortable, there’s another set of clothes over there. However, those clothes are only worn by women…”

Speechless, Qing Shui could only mutely accept the wooden sword. He began to fantasize again. What if I “accidentally” slashed through the fabrics of Wu-Shuang’s pyjamas, hehehehe, what a great view it would be then.

“What are you looking at! Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking. Why are all men filled with lust.” Wenren Wu-Shuang was not only not alarmed, there was even faint hints of light laughter coloring her tone. Giving a sense of hope embedded in that smile, also filled with confidence, elegance, understanding, and acceptance.

“Beautiful things should be admired by everyone, only the other saying went, pretty women are akin to troubled waters. However, you seem to be an exception to this. I wonder which lucky male in the future would obtain your favor.” Qing Shui cheekily smiled.

“Hmph, what are you saying? Are you praising me or cursing me, you shouldn’t be so focused on chasing women at such a young age. After you are stronger, there would be countless beautiful women waiting for you out there in the world.”

“I’m afraid that you would be led away by another filthy male before I get stronger.” Qing Shui said, as his acting skills enable his face to be filled with bitterness and sorrow.

“You are still teasing me! I don’t want to get married so early anyway.”  Wenren Wu-Shuang pouted playfully.

Looking at the holy and pure maiden behaving in such a way, almost caused Qing Shui to scream “God, save me!”

Now, Qing Shui could finally relax. As long as she was not in a hurry to get married, after he was strong, there would still be plenty of chances for him.

“Are you ready? I’m going to start.” Qing Shui wielded his wooden sword as he looked towards Wenren Wu-Shuang.

Wenren Wu-Shuang nodded her head, as she similarly brandished her wooden sword.

“Xiu!” Although it was just an ordinary sword stab, it’s speed was as fast as lightning. However, Wenren Wu-Shuang dodged it easily, as she shifted her jade-like white legs lightly. She swayed her body like a willow dancing in the wind, while attacking Qing Shui concurrently, slashing her sword horizontally, targeting Qing Shui’s wrist.

Wenren Wu-Shuang did not use her Xiantian Qi!

The Solitary Rapid Fist and the Iaido Technique at the realm of sword truth stage, had long melded together. Qing Shui’s strikes, other than being as fast as lightning, were also comparable to a fierce gale of wind during a raging storm. Incomparably agile and nimble, like a fish swimming in the ocean!

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