Chapter 677!

Chapter 677 - Grand Perfection Stage, Diamond Crossing Rivers

Qing Shui didn’t know if he was considered a Beast Tamer himself, but from other people’s perspective, not only was he more than enough to be called a Beast Tamer, he was even a powerful one.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was currently Qing Shui’s strongest demonic beast. Furthermore, there was still a lot of room for it to grow. In the future, it would definitely turn out to be really strong. The most important thing was that every time it grew stronger, Qing Shui would gain 20% of its increase in abilities, this was a heaven-defying benefit. It was a great help to Qing Shui.

It has been a long time since Fire Bird last experienced an increase in strength. For flying type demonic beasts, even if it was only at Peak Martial King Grade, it was still something that warriors at Martial Saint Grade would crave, especially the ones like Qing Shui’s Fire Bird.. It was known as the mutated beast Red Luan across the continent.

The Fire Bird was one of the rewards as a result of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal being upgraded. Qing Shui still had faith in the Fire Bird. He believed that it would take an enormous leap the next time it broke through. Based on his experience with its last two breakthrough, it should not be inferior to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

At present, the Thunder Beast had yet to reach its adult stage. Despite this, not only was it already a Grade One Martial Saint, it was still improving at an incredible rate. This...

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