Chapter 676!

Chapter 676 - The Leveling Up of the Jade Emperor Queen Bee

Qing Shui thought of the Beast Pill. Originally, each Beast Pill would increase the demonic beast's cultivation level by 10%. But now, he wasn’t sure if it had the same effect on the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies which were already at the Martial Saint level.

Taking out the Beast Pill, Qing Shui fed one to the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies before observing the changes. Although the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies was not as fast as the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, nor did it have as strong a resistance as compared to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies's venom was the strongest and most dangerous. Most important, there were two of them together, having great teamwork.

Very quickly, a faint gold and silvery glow appeared on the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies, getting increasingly brighter, looking very beautiful.

Qing Shui activated his Spiritual Sense and sensed that the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies' cultivation levels were gradually increasing. As it did so, his mood was also slowly filled up by joy.

"Increase in strength by 3 countries!"

Qing Shui was very happy. Although there would be restrictions on Martial Saint level demonic beasts, it would be better to have restrictions...

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