Chapter 659

Chapter 659 - Seven Stars Arena, Provocation 

“Remember to keep it a secret. Or else we might not even know how we die.”

“Don’t worry Brother Zhao, are we the kind of people who would do that?”

“From what I heard, there was a time when the young master from Ten Thousand Poisons Sect went to Di Clan to propose a marriage but got rejected by them. Ever since then, Ten Thousand Poisons Sect has hated them. Coincidentally, things didn’t turn out well for Di Clan as their Old Ancestor passed away. Everything is in Ten Thousand Poison’s Sect’s favor because even if they themselves don’t take action, a fat meat like Di Clan will also be targeted by other people.” The young man who was known as Brother Zhao explained slowly while looking at Qing Shui and the others.

“Brother Zhao indeed knows about a lot of things. Oh yeah, what do you think they are at Seven Stars Street for?” Immediately, there was already a person trying to flatter Brother Zhao. Of course, he didn’t forget to ask his question.

“Judging from the direction they’re heading, they’re most likely going to Seven Stars Arena.”

“Let’s go have a look, for all you know, we might discover something unexpected.” The...

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