Chapter 655

Chapter 655 - Consuming the Ungodly Fate Pill, Skyrocket

His whole body was dominated by sheer imposing force as he sat cross-legged beside the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. Qing Shui wrinkled his forehead and frowned. He knew that improving his abilities was definitely favorable, but it would take an extreme level of endurance to withstand the excruciating pain through this method. It might even cost him his life if he wasn’t careful enough.

Having cultivated the art of [Rebirth], Qing Shui did not fear pain, but he feared that he might accidentally end his life right now. He still had a lot of things to accomplish and a lot of people he couldn’t leave behind.

He had also prepared a Five Dragon Pellet on his side, which he could use to cure any poisonous effects. Not only that, the Five Dragon Pellet had another blasphemous ability of delaying the user’s death by one full day.

The Five Dragon Pellet was indeed wondrous, due to its nature as an antidote and also its ability to extend the user’s life by one day as long as the user did not suffer any injuries around the head, abdomen, inner organs and bones. However, Qing Shui’s most valuable lifeline was none other than the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus floating in the middle of the lake.

Nonetheless, he still wasn’t sure if the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus really possessed the miraculous ability of the Bones of the Living Dead. It was a legend that was passed down by generations, and was believed by...

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