Chapter: 654

AST 654 - Using the ‘Descending Heavens Taliman’ to improve something perfect, Fate Pill Refined

A little more than a month had passed in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Qing Shui held in his hand many successful ‘Descending Heavens Talisman.’ However, he hadn’t tested out the might of these ‘Descending Heavens Talisman’ yet.

It was better to test it out on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. He summoned out the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and quickly stuck a Descending Heavens Talisman onto it. What caused Qing Shui to be shocked was the speed at which the Descending Heavens Talisman flew out and stuck onto the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

A strange light enveloped the body of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Qing Shui carefully inspected the abilities of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. There was a decrease of about 30 countries of strength and 60 countries of defense.


Qing Shui thought about the situation in the past when he learned how to draw a Heavenly Talisman. Back then, he would immediately obtain the effects of a Grade Two Heavenly Talisman. Although the reduction of 2% was not much, it could still barely be used. It was very difficult to cultivate it to Grade Ten but Qing Shui was already at an advantage since he was able to start one grade ahead of others.

This way, for those with the abilities of 5000 countries, this talisman could reduce their abilities by 100 countries. If it only weakened the opponent abilities by 100 countries, those strong experts would not even bother about it, it was too insignificant. However, Qing Shui had the Emperor's Qi, Fiery Golden Eyes, and many other techniques. Thus, this ‘Descending Heavens Talisman’ could be used to further improve the scenario.

Putting down the things he had on hand, Qing Shui took a stroll in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He then discovered that there was a bunch of three-inch tall ‘grass.’ This ‘grass’ was grown from those fiery-red seeds that he had obtained from the location on the treasure map.

It had actually blossomed and from the looks of it, it had already blossomed for quite a while. However, Qing Shui did not know what this ‘grass’ was. Recently, Qing Shui discovered a strange phenomenon, the Fire Bird seemed to be very interested in this ‘grass’ that looked like clumps of flames. It stood guard over it for a period of time every day.This was how Qing Shui discovered the blossoming of these ‘grass’.

Could it be that these small ‘grass’ were related to the Fire Bird? Or perhaps this flame-like grass was very attractive to the Fire Bird, maybe it could allow the Fire Bird to raise its cultivation?

Putting all these aside, Qing Shui suddenly noticed that there was a snow-white porcelain bottle amongst the clump of medicinal herbs.

Porcelain bottle?

Qing Shui tried his best to recall. Soon, he remembered the origins of this porcelain bottle. Back when he was fishing in the Stellar Horse Lake, he had fished this up and had just casually tossed it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The events that followed caused him to forget about the existence of this porcelain bottle.

He only saw it again today after all this time. Qing Shui bent over and picked it up, it felt like jade and was slightly cooling in his hands. That gentle texture caused one to feel comfortable. The mouth of the bottle was tightly sealed.

Qing Shui gently shook his head!

De De…...

That was the sound of a solid object hitting the sides of the bottle. Qing Shui felt that it was the sound of Medicinal Pills, there was a slight hum amidst the tinkling sound.

He was not in a rush to open it. Instead, he examined the bottle carefully. There were no words on the bottle and the entire bottle was as clean as jade. There was not a speck of dust or any trace of defects on it. The bottle was simple yet it carried a pure type of beauty.

Open it?

Qing Shui hesitated, he was sure that there were Medicinal Pills inside. However, he hesitated because some Medicinal Pills had to be consumed in a short period of time after being unsealed. Qing Shui was worried that this was that kind of Medicinal Pill. Since he didn’t know of its name and effects, he did not dare to use it. He might end up wasting it. Most importantly, it was fished up from Stellar Horse Lake, the Stellar Horse Lake was filled with highly toxic poison.

“En! Yuan Su.”

Qing Shui thought about that woman who had an unsurpassed gift for Medicinal Pills. He felt that she might know what kind of pill this was or maybe the effects of this pill.

The strength of two was better than one, Qing Shui intended to find Yuan Su tomorrow before he opened the bottle. Once he verified that this Medicinal Pill was harmless, then according to its properties, he would consume it or let his Demonic Beast consume it.

Finally, Qing Shui began to refine the Fate Pill, this was the pill that gave Qing Shui the most hope. As long as this Alchemy Recipe succeeded, Qing Shui believed that he would have the ability to have a one on one battle with those experts with abilities greater than 5000 countries. Thus, Qing Shui had to treat this seriously, he had to succeed.

He had three blossomed Flowers of Life and he had collected several Peaches of Immortality. Additionally, he had the Red Jiao’s core and bones, along with other materials that were of superior grades. The ingredients had all been completely collected.

Qing Shui felt that the heavens were helping him this time, thus he had a feeling that he would definitely succeed. This time, when he analyzed the properties of the medicinal herbs, he was even more serious than the time he analyzed the properties of the ‘Gale Pellet’. He could not afford to fail this time.

Looking at the Alchemy Recipe, the Flower of Life and the Peach of Immortality were not the only rare ingredients. The most important main ingredient was the Mysterious Fruit.

The reward for unlocking the Sixth Level of Realm of Violet Jade Immortal included a Mysterious Fruit Tree. In reality, it only needed two and a half years of time to mature one fruit.

Mysterious Fruit: One fruit matures every 500 years. After consuming it, there is a 1% chance for an unexpected gain, such as the doubling of strength, defense, speed, breaking through a realm for a martial technique or being enlightened on the obscurity of the five elements……

This was also why Qing Shui felt that the heavens were helping him. Aside from himself, the number of people who had these three ingredients were too few. All of this was thanks to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

With his limited quantity ingredients, Qing Shui only had the chance to refine this once. Thus, Qing Shui had to be very careful. At this moment, he felt that the opportunity of having three chances before was luxurious.

There was a saying, happiness was relative. When compared to before, succeeding one time out of three was already a blessing. However, when comparing the second time against the first time, it was a disaster……

Qing Shui steeled his heart. After he prepared all the ingredients, he picked up the third flower of the Flower of Life. This was worth two years of real time and in the time within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, that was 400 years of time.

Before this refinement, Qing Shui had ensured that he had enough rest, and that his spirit had recovered to its optimal state. If it had been earlier, he might have lacked confidence. However, after refining the Gale Pellet, he found that his abilities to refine Medicinal Pills had increased significantly. It was not just an increase in a grade, it was more like a jump of an entire realm. That feeling was as though he had absolute control of everything within his hands. He might not be able to do it perfectly but he had the confidence that he could succeed.

This was because of the earlier increase in Medicine Refinement Realm, a realm increase could be discovered but not sought. Of course, his confidence was only valid if the Alchemy Recipe was one that had a possibility to succeed.

This time, when Qing Shui refined the medicinal pills, it seemed strangely smooth. It was as though he had done it countless times already. His movements were not fast but it would cause one to feel that it is very smooth and natural.

At the start, he placed in five medicinal herbs, White Hundred Birds Flower, Redbud Flower, Chinese Redbud, Ghostly Grass, and Stardream Grass. The age of the herbs were all five thousand years.

Qing Shui controlled the primordial flames and made it half an inch tall. Refining medicinal pills required a lot of time and effort, the number of people who could use the flames of their body like Qing Shui were limited. Most Alchemists would choose to use the ‘Earth Fire’ or ‘Stone Fire’. These were the people who were in a good situation; those with better situations could find some flames of the five elements to refine medicine. However, the flames of the five elements were elusive and couldn’t be easily be found.

The flames of five elements could be found where the five elements were denser. This flame could increase the quality and the success rate of refining medicines.

Following that, Qing Shui added a medicinal herb every now and then, it was only when he used half the ingredients then he threw in the Mysterious Fruit Tree……

Three days passed in an instant!

Qing Shui shut his eyes, the primordial flames was still half an inch tall and it gently roasted the bottom of the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. There was a faint smile on his face, he looked relaxed and calm.

Suddenly, Qing Shui’s eyes snapped open and he swallowed a Vital Essence Pill. 15 minutes later, a bright flame suddenly sprang out from his hands. Despite the flames being gray, it still seemed very gorgeous.


Qing Shui released his breath but he didn’t dare to relax yet. He was successful in forming the pill but it still needed to be nourished. The primordial flames started to slowly weaken, turning more gentle.

This carried on for a whole day before Qing Shui slowly stopped, he then just laid down and shut his eyes. His mind was already extremely exhausted, not sleeping for a few nights was a small issue but he did not even eat or drink. Furthermore, he had continued to maintain a large energy output. If it was not for the fact that his techniques were so mystical and could continuously replenish his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique automatically. Additionally, he had the Yin-Yang Image in his sea of consciousness replenishing his spirit energy. If any of these two were missing, he wouldn’t be able to withstand this.

He had focused his mind to a high degree and his strong spiritual sense was continuously active throughout this long period of time. This might have been the reason for Qing Shui’s high success rates of refinement, or it might also be the effect of the Yin-Yang Image.

This time, he slept longer than before. When he woke up, a day had passed. He rose up to eat something, since it was best to just leave the refined pill in the Refining Furnace. Unless he took out his best quality Medicinal Pill porcelain storage bottle, it would be easy for the Medicinal Pill to lose its medicinal effects.

40 days of time had already past in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He only had 10 more days of time before he had to go out. When he got back to the Refining Furnace, Qing Shui was a little excited.

This was the Fate Pill. According to the talents and absorbing abilities of the body, it could raise the bodies abilities by up to 500 countries. Although this was very attractive to other people but to Qing Shui, this was something that he would be willing to risk his life for.

Thinking of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant that broken through two grades earlier, every level up caused Qing Shui’s eyes to go red with jealousy. It was a good thing that it was his Demonic Beast, thus he still felt happy.

Cultivation! Qing Shui recovered himself to an optimal state before circulating his Qi around his whole body. Qing Shui knew that this would be much more painful than earlier. Qing Shui even took out the Gold Needles, all 81 of them. Qing Shui knew that it was very dangerous but he still wanted to give it a try, he was very confident in his medical skills and the strength of his body.

This time, this was the biggest change that he would encounter thus far but at the same time, it was accompanied by an enormous danger. There were some people, who after consuming a Divine Heavenly Pill, discovered that their body exploded and ended up dying. This was the same for many heavenly treasures. Thus, it would require the Alchemist to separate out the medicinal strength and absorb it bit by bit. Another option was to refine it into a medicinal pill that would make it safer and easier to absorb. Although this might not result in an explosive increase in strength and a large portion of the medicinal strength may be lost, it would at least guarantee the safety of one’s life.

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