Chapter 640

Chapter 640 - Old Demon Ba’s Retaliation Before Death

Qing Shui aimed a Frosted Iron Ball at one of Old Demon Ba’s calves, while another Frosted Iron Ball sealed off Old Demon Ba’s escape route. Moreover, Old Madam Mo was also closing in with her killing move, preventing Old Demon Ba from moving forward.

Lady Duanmu and Di Xuan were closing in for an assault from both sides, which completely sealed off all his potential escape routes. His back route was already blocked by Qing Shui’s Frosted Iron Ball and the other routes on the side and the front were blocked too. This way, Old Demon Ba would have no other choice but to get hit by one of Qing Shui’s Frosted Iron Ball. This Hidden Weapon Technique was unavoidable anyway because of its versatile nature.

Even if Old Demon Ba tried to find an opening through Lady Duanmu’s or Di Xuan’s weaknesses, he would still be assaulted. If he chose to exploit Lady Duanmu’s weakness, he would be rebuffed by Di Xuan’s parry. But if he chose to exploit Di Xuan’s weakness, he would be fully assaulted by Lady Duanmu, as well as by Old Madam Mo’s attack.

Old Demon Ba prepared himself as he clenched his teeth to face the attack from Old Madam Mo’s Diamond Scepter!

The fight seemed to have been going on for quite a while, but it actually all happened in a few moments!


Old Madam Mo was forced backwards by the impact from Old Demon Ba. However, his shoulder was hit by Lady Duanmu’s ‘Flowing Cloud Attack’,...

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