AST Chapter: 633!

Chapter 633 - Vengeance, entering the Di Clan

As he swung his hand, a silver needle immediately pierced into the opponent's heart. The young man's eyes bulged out excessively before he fell flat on his back.

The silver needle, which Qing Shui shot out previously, was coated in Primordial Flame. At the moment it pierced into the opponent’s heart, it melted immediately. It also instantly destroyed that person's heart.

“Martial brother……!”

The other two men, who didn’t know what happened, rushed over. After touching the ugly young man’s nose and chest, they noticed that his heart felt really hot. They quickly confirmed that the person was already dead.

Qing Shui felt that there was no need to hold back against people like them. The poison from before was definitely something really extraordinary. Since the opponent never planned to let him live, why should he go easy on him?

The most terrifying thing about a poison master was their poison. Once that poison was proven to be useless, they would only be left with the fate of being killed. However, what made Qing Shui speechless, was that his opponent actually tried to approach him and kill him. Could this be the so-called “Killing people like...

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