Chapter 607!

Chapter 607 - Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (5)

Even for a Martial Saint like Wang Delong, he was still not able to withstand the remaining force after negating Qing Shui’s attack. Even though Wang Delong had used his saber to block Qing Shui’s sword, the huge force from the attack still affected Wang Delong in the end and caused fresh blood to be scattered in midair.

[Author’s note: Explanation on how attack and defense work: Some people had asked me about this, it seemed that it was not explained very clearly before, thus here is a clearer explanation. When abilities are mentioned, such as the abilities of 100 countries, it referred to the attack, defense, speed, etc are all at the level of 100 countries. As for the interaction between attack and defense, when the weapons clashed against each other, the attacking strength will cancel out each other, causing the side with the stronger attacking strength to be reduced and the weaker one negated, this is where defense comes into play to defend against the leftover attacking force. Just like how regardless how much strength is put behind a rock, it would not be able to break a metal bead, this was the issue of defense, thus defense is very important. If you want to kill the opponent, you have to first overcome the opponent's attack then overcome his defense.]

Qing Shui was also required to prepare his Critical Damage...

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