Chapter 604!

604 - Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (2)

Qing Shui looked at Wang Shunchang with a faint smile as he got closer. If his strength was the same as the last time he came to the Central Continent, he would have been killed with this strike.

Now, this level of strength was nothing to him, as long as it did not strike his weak point, it would not even penetrate through his defense.

Half Step Hammer Explosion Technique!

The strong vigor of the technique created a shrill whistle, at the same time, it also sounded like metal shattering. The two fists then struck each other. In that instant of contact, Wang Shunchang expression immediately turned despairful.


The huge vigor caused the surrounding beach to be upturned, even the water of the Jade Sea turn chaotic. There were giant water screens that rose from the sea before breaking apart.

There was a loud resounding sound, even with just his fist, Qing Shui’s attacking strength reached 610 countries. Wang Shunchang, who had been weakened to the strength of 480 countries, stood no chance at all.




It was just a simple strike, using strength to negate everything. In front of absolute strength, all tricks and techniques were useless. Of course, Qing Shui strength could not be considered absolute yet, but Wang Shunchang’s techniques were not even worth mentioning, or...

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