AST 596 - Forced, Another New Year, The Brilliant Fireworks

Chapter 596 - Forced, Another New Year, The Brilliant Fireworks


Fire Bird spat out a fireball as black as the night sky towards that man’s direction!

This man was trying to show his bravery and loyalty towards the Ximen Clan, but he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.


A loud explosion rang out, but there was no screaming to be heard. The man had turned into ashes instantly after being hit by the fireball. After the explosion, the remains of the black flame from the fireball were scattered everywhere, which had set a house nearby on fire. Within a few seconds, the house was completely burnt down into dark sooty ashes.

The crowd, having witnessed the entire scene, was reduced to silence. More people were beginning to swarm the area to see what was going on in this part of the street. They also came to see Qing Shui because they heard his voice earlier before the explosion had happened.

There was a commotion of old and young people flocking around the front courtyard to get an idea who caused the explosion. These people were initially furious because of the damage the explosion had caused to the nearby area, but when they saw Qing Shui riding on his giant Fire Bird in mid-air, their faces immediately turned bitter.

“I am Ximen Jian, I was wondering why you, sir, are….”

“Escort Ximen Langyuan out from this building. Your Ximen Clan should know its place by now. If the woman you brought back today was hurt by even a strand of hair, I will be forced to handle this situation in a brutal way.” Qing Shui interrupted the old man’s questioning in a calm manner.

“Quickly go fetch your bastard son and bring him here. That good-for-nothing scumbag.” The old man shouted at a middle-aged man impatiently. He knew that Qing Shui stood at the pinnacle of the Greencloud Continent...

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