Chapter 591

591 - Difficult To Search For Treasure, The Gathering Of The Qing Clan

While Qing Shui was on his way here, he studied the Treasure Map again. He had a feeling that the Goddess Peak depicted on the map should be at an even deeper area. Needless to say, the Chieftain Level Demonic Beasts would also be even more powerful because he could feel the spiritual qi of the Flowerfruit Mountain getting even thicker the deeper he went. With a richer spiritual qi, the strength of demonic beasts would naturally increase.

Qing Shui had originally thought that the Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey was the chieftain of the Flowerfruit Mountain before. But, after witnessing those two Raging Flame Cloud Leopards, he realized that perhaps the real Chieftain of the Flowerfruit were monkeys. Nevertheless, they were definitely not those Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys.

When he saw that there were no group of demonic beasts in the sky, he quickly got on the Fire Bird and made a beeline towards the inner section of the Flowerfruit Mountain. He gazed and searched around the ground below.

Qing Shui had stopped as soon as he discovered a mountain range, after which he began to discern whether it was the mountain indicated on the Treasure Map. Then, he tried to look for the Goddess Peak among the mountain range. There were many mountains in...

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