AST: Chapter 587!

Chapter 587 - The Diamond Qi and Diamond Protection at the Great Perfection Stage! The insane passive battle skills!

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Qing Shui lived his peaceful life really efficiently. Other than cultivating, Qing Shui spent the rest of his time looking after his children. In the morning, he would practice his Taichi Fist. Occasionally, he would also guide the three generations of Qing Clan through their cultivation while carrying his children.

During this one month, Qing Shui managed to stabilize his strength. Not only did he manage to stabilize the Sixth Heavenly Layer realm, he also managed to break through the Ancient Strengthening Technique to the 201 cycle. By breaking through the cycle, it helped him increased his strength by a million jin.

The stronger one became, the more difficult it would be for them to continue progressing. It was relatively tough for a Martial Saint grade warrior to break through. Otherwise, things like a Martial Saint being stuck at the same grade for several tens of years wouldn’t happen.

Also, recently Qing Shui felt that the skill was about to make another break through to the fifth level. On top of that, the Diamond Qi and Diamond Protection of the elephant form had shown signs of breaking through. Qing Shui really looked forward to it.

He had a lot of expectations for the Diamond Qi and Diamond Protection. If the both of them could be like those of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Qing Shui would feel really satisfied.

Qing Shui looked forward to passive skills...

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