Chapter 58 - The secret of Situ Luan (Teaser)

Chapter 58 The secret of Situ Luan.

Chapter 0058 – The secret of Situ Luan

“Qing Shui, did you really use the sword forms from the <<Basic Sword Techniques>> to defeat Situ Bu Fan and his cronies?”

Qing Yi’s happiness was tinged with astonishment as she inquired. After all, Qing Yi was familiar with the bunch of youths which Qing Shui had defeated, and thus knew of their strength level. She could not help but to feel pride. The proudest moment of a mother was when her child truly shined with impressiveness. This was the most gratifying, as well as the most touching of all moments.

“Right, you all should not look down on the <<Basic Sword Techniques>>, hidden within them were foundations that would grant you a deeper understanding on the way of the sword!” Qing Shui seriously replied, as it was true.

“Qing Shui, how did you manage to do it? Among those people you defeated there...

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