Chapter 551 - Returning to Heavenly Palace, Violet Gold Divine Shield unsealed?

Chapter 551 Returning to Heavenly Palace, Violet Gold Divine Shield unsealed?.

551 [Returning to Heavenly Palace, Violet Gold Divine Shield unsealed?]

Qing Shui’s next course of action was to watch the many Qing Clan members practice. After all, when they watched Qing Shui exhibit the Tiger Form, a portion of them gained some inspiration.

It was best for them to try and understand it while it is was still fresh in their minds, thus everyone was busy practicing, some of them were even repeating the same move over and over again.

Mingyue Gelou stood there with her eyes closed, her face was peaceful. Qing Shui happened to see her.


Qing Shui unhurriedly and quietly stopped everyone, then he sat down noiselessly. No one was allowed to make any sounds.

Qing Shui also felt especially excited, he had not had entered the state of enlightenment for a long time. This kind of instant enlightenment was something every cultivator wished for.

Qing Shui looked at Mingyue Gelou’s holy and dignified complexion and his heart felt gratified. This was a woman that had a bitter life, Qing Shui hoped that she could become happy, hoped that she would grow strong.

Her meridians were naturally cleared from birth, and she was a cultivating genius. It's a pity that she started a little late, but she finally had a chance after meeting him, now she was having her first enlightenment.

Even during her breakthrough to the Xiantian Realm, she did not have a moment of enlightenment. This was her opportunity to make great leaps, only, he did not know how long would her enlightenment would last for.

Being able to be in the enlightened state for 15 minutes could be considered pretty good,...

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