Chapter 549 - Anger, Killing, Rebirth by Flames, Evolution

Chapter 549 Anger, Killing, Rebirth by Flames, Evolution.

549 - Anger, Killing, Rebirth by Flames, Evolution

"That isn't asking for too much, but whose life do you think should be used for compensation?"

Qing Shui asked expressionlessly. After all, Soulreaper Valley was nothing in Qing Shui’s eyes. Had this man shown some elegance, Qing Shui probably would not let them suffer any disadvantages.

If he had strength, that was accommodating, if he did not have strength, then it was grudgingly. Yielding now would be a mistake!

“How about with your life?” replied the man. Qing Shui hated this man’s ugly looks, he could even tell that that man also hated his looks.

“That's not fine, I don’t wish to die yet!” Qing Shui smiled at that man.

“Actually you don’t have to die, since you killed my man, how about this, send one of the people behind you to Soulreaper Valley for three years and we will call it even.” The man looked at Qing Shui mockingly then looked at Yiye Jiange.

“Oh, then how about I go to your Soulreaper Valley for three years?” Qing Shui smiled coldly at that man!

“That can’t do, our Soulreaper Valley doesn’t lack men.” that man choked then hurriedly said.

“If you died, I wonder if your Soulreaper Valley would lack men?” Qing Shui still smiled at him coldly and started to use his might to pressure him.

“Courting death!” the man suddenly took out a long black hook and charged at Qing Shui!


There was a sound in the air reminiscent of a ghost’s cry, it caused one’s whole body to get goosebumps and feel uncomfortable!


Qing Shui spread apart his five fingers!


“Qing Shui directly caught the huge sharp hook with one hand...

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