Chapter 541 - Critical Damage, a critical attack? Nine Winged Golden Cicada

Chapter 541 Critical Damage, a critical attack? Nine Winged Golden Cicada.

Chapter 541 <Critical Damage, a critical attack? Nine Winged Golden Cicada>

The power of seven countries combined, the defense of ten countries, the speed that was equivalent to seven countries, and the absurd restorative ability that was greater than ten countries combined!

He could feel himself getting stronger, and he gained a sudden surge of self-confidence. The growth of his strength was able to bring forth a delicate change to his mind and body. 

Confidence could be said to be one of the qualities of a successful man. It could also be described as a special and powerful aura!

Qing Shui caught a glimpse of his Golden-Ringed Battle Armor displayed at one corner. He felt that it was about time to change his armor, since that armor was a bit too heavy to wear, albeit convenient at times. He then looked at the garment he was wearing, which was given by the Old Ancestor during Qing Shui’s ascension to the position of Patriarch of the Heavenly Palace.

The Lunar Silk was a legendary material that was as rare as the Martial Saint Beast Skin from Qing Shui’s Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Because of its rarity, Qing Shui decided to continue to wear the garment for the time being. He also planned on using the Art of Forging to refine the garment to a quality of his standard.

He had already acquired previous experiences from forging a few pieces of garments before, so it was quick for Qing Shui to make refinements to his current garment. It was unusually successful during his first try on the current garment because the Art of Forging required skills and precision to be able to successfully forge a new garment or refine an existing garment. However, he was able to refine it smoothly and easily this time.

When the quad-colored lights gleamed from the garment made from Lunar Silk, Qing Shui grinned at his accomplishment. The lights indicated that he had succeeded in refining his garment! 

The garment’s defense had been increased by 40 percent,...

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