Chapter 525 Undo the restriction! Yiye Jiange!.

Chapter 525 Undo the restriction! Yiye Jiange!.

AST 525 - Undo the restriction! Yiye Jiange!

The moment Qing Shui grabbed onto Yiye Jiange’s hand, he had no intentions of letting it go. After that, he began to grab her other arm with his hand. This was the first time Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange had physical interaction. Even though deep in his heart, he felt a ripple of excitement, Qing Shui suppressed himself and didn’t think about anything else. Qing Shui felt that if he had done anything, he would be worse than an animal. 

Nature energy!

Qing Shui slowly added in his Nature Energy. The qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique continued to travel back and forth along Yiye Jiange’s meridians, destroying the restriction. The restriction was like a small tap. It only allowed very little amount of Qi of Xiantian to flow through, therefore Yiye Jiange’s strength had been stuck at the Fifth grade of Xiantian realm. 

There were still three parts of the restrictions that needed to be broken. 

Qing Shui was really puzzled. Who would set up these restrictions on Yiye Jiange? Could it be Lion King's Ridge? If that was the case, it was very likely that she would have lost her life. It’s also possible that these restrictions were casted since a long time ago.

Since he was unable to figure it out, Qing Shui stopped thinking. He didn’t plan to ask Yiye Jiange about it either unless she told him herself. The only thing that he could do was to support her and help her.

The Nature Energy was indeed worthy of being called the most righteous and powerful qi. As soon as he operated the Nature Energy, he immediately felt some reactions when it clashed with the restriction. Previously, he felt that he was unable to break the restriction. Now, however, he was at least able to feel the reaction of the restriction.

Qing Shui attempted to clash against the restriction, but as he did so, he felt like he was pushing a mountain. There was no sign of movement at all. Despite that, Qing Shui wasn’t worried. As long as he could locate the position of the restriction and discover the root cause for it, everything would be fine.

It was an unusual “ball of air” concentrated on one spot, and Qing Shui had intended to dissolve it. The moment he came into contact with the ball of air, however, he immediately knew that it was a restriction set up by a Martial Saint. 

Martial Saint yet again…...

Luckily, it was a kind of restriction with strength slightly below that of a Martial Saint. At least there was still hope for Qing Shui to remove it. He gradually increase the force of the impact. 

Qing Shui didn’t dare to straight away increase the force all the way to the maximum. He feared that Yiye Jiange wouldn’t be able to stand his power. And so, he increased it bit by bit while patiently observing Yiye Jiange’s condition. 

Slowly, Qing Shui began to notice that Yiye Jiange’s meridians were really tough. This has helped him further confirmed that her strength was definitely stronger than what was shown. It was just that she was being restrained by a restriction no one was aware of.

Has it been set up since she was young? Or was it only casted later on? If this restriction had been with her since she was young, it was very likely that the people who harbored bad intentions had managed to see through Yiye Jiange’s extraordinary talent. They set up the restriction to ensure that in the future, she wouldn’t be able to achieve a high cultivation level no matter how much she cultivated.

If it was set up later on, Yiye Jiange should also have know the reason behind it. But as long as she didn’t speak about it, Qing Shui wouldn’t ask. For now, he only wanted to help her destroy the restriction so that she would be able to increase her strength.

Qing Shui added in more and more strength, however, the restriction was still like a mountain. It wouldn’t even budge. Without himself realizing, Qing Shui started to knit his brows.

Immovable Mountain!

Qing Shui increased the force of his qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique by one fold. With Nature Energy mixed in it, he once again clashed it against the restriction. Luckily, Qing Shui’s Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique could moisten the meridians.

This was why Qing Shui wasn’t worried about Yiye Jiange’s meridians getting damaged so easily.


Even though the restriction didn’t budge, Qing Shui still saw a light of hope. To counter against the restriction, stronger force wouldn’t necessarily mean a better result. And even if Qing Shui had exerted all his strength to remove it, Yiye Jiange’s meridians wouldn’t be able to take it. 

Wave Essence!

Qing Shui’s eyes shone!

The Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique charged towards the concentrated bag of air in accordance  with the Wave Essence of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.


It opened up!

A joyous look flashed across Qing Shui’s eyes. Immediately, Yiye Jiange’s meridians were significantly strengthened. As soon as he took down one restriction, Qing Shui felt that Yiye Jiange was already at the pinnacle of the Xiantian Realm.

Similarly, an excited look flashed across Yiye Jiange’s eyes. She looked at Qing Shui in silence. She looked at him and felt that she was unable to link him to the past. At the same time, he has also become like a stranger to her. She felt that it has been forever since the last time they met.

Qing Shui didn’t stop. Instead, he controlled his strength as he clashed against the next restriction. Qing Shui has already felt it previously. There were a total of three restrictions.

When Qing Shui removed the weakest restriction out of the three. Yiye Jiange’s strength immediately advanced to the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm. It made Qing Shui felt even more surprised. So what kind of strength would she possess exactly once the other two restrictions were removed?

Peng, peng, peng!

Qing Shui carried along the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique as well as the Nature Energy as he clashed against the next restriction with the Qi Force of the Sword of Fifth Wave. At present, the Essence that previously broke through the first restriction has gotten a bit weaker.

Shield Attack!

Second Grade Shield Attack!

Qing Shui use the power that was capable of breaking through everything!


The concentrated bag of air started shaking, but he was still unable to open it up. As Qing Shui swung his right hand, a Gold Needle that he prepared immediately shot out of his sleeve.

It accurately pierced through the ball of air.

At this moment, Qing Shui once again combined his previous attack with the Shield Attack and clashed towards it. 


A violent Qi force fluctuation could be felt in Yiye Jiange’s body. At this moment, Qing Shui saw Yiye Jiange’s face turning red. He didn’t know the reason behind it, but he could feel that her body was fine.

By the time he unlocked the second restriction, Yiye Jiange’s body gave out a white halo. In that instant, it looked particularly bright and brilliant. Qing Shui found this light quite familiar, it’s the light which would appear every time one made a breakthrough into the Martial King realm. 

With two of the restrictions removed, Yiye Jiange advanced into the Martial King Stage. Furthermore, she possessed a strength of around the Third Martial King Stage. Qing Shui grabbed her arms. He could feel her body and strength continuously rising. That unusual feeling also caused a slight changes to Qing Shui’s body. 

After some time has passed, long enough for an incense stick to burn, Yiye Jiange slowly opened up her beautiful pupils and looked at Qing Shui. Her humble smile let Qing Shui know that she was really happy.

“After I undo the last restriction, you will be able to recover completely.” Qing Shui said softly. The fact that he was able to help her has made himself even happier than her. 

What Qing Shui was happy about was being able to do something for her. Yiye Jiange was also really happy because she recovered. The reason why Qing Shui was willing to do anything for her was because as long as she was happy, he would also be happy.

“You have actually made it……” Yiye Jiange said gently. She felt both happy and surprised, but what she felt the most was a sense of hope bestowing upon her.

“At that time, I was also not so confident that I would be able to do it.” Qing Shui said while smiling. He didn’t continue to dig deeper into the issues regarding the restrictions. This was because he knew that Yiye Jiange would have spilled it all out had she wanted to talk about it.

“You are actually able to undo a seal below that of a Martial Saint, how strong are you now?” Said Yiye Jiange in a casual manner. She wasn’t actually trying to investigate on Qing Shui’s strength. She was just really shocked by it.

“It really is a seal which is below that of Martial Saint grade!” Qing Shui said secretly in his heart.

“Currently, I am at the pinnacle of the Martial King grade. If everything goes on smoothly, you should also be able to advance to the pinnacle of the Martial King stage after a while if I am able to undo the last restriction.”

“The pinnacle of Martial King grade? I can advance up to the pinnacle of Martial King stage?” Said Yiye Jiange with a surprised look which she rarely showed.

The pinnacle of Martial King grade represented the top cultivation state among the warriors in Green Cloud Continent. Yiye Jiange has never been greedy for anything. However, for someone like her who had been stuck in the Xiantian Realm for a long time to hear that she could break all the way through to the pinnacle of the Martial King grade, it wasn’t unexpected that she would feel incomparably surprised.

“Let me help you undo the last restriction first, though there is only 50% chance that it will succeed.” Qing Shui said after thinking for a while. The reason why he said so was because he didn’t want to disappoint her. If he had been too definitive with what he said yet failed to help her undo it in the end, it would just disappoint her even more. Telling her that she could break through to the pinnacle of the Martial King grade was meant to give her hope.

“Alright, it’s fine even if you are unable to undo it. I am already feeling really happy.” Yiye Jiange said softly.

Once again, the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique clashed against the last restriction. Qing Shui first started off by clashing against the cloud of air slowly. He slowly increased his strength. Even his meridians began to expand slightly. Qing Shui controlled his strength to a level he was satisfied with.

Qing Shui used the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique to protect Yiye Jiange’s most vital organ, her heart! 

Nature energy!

Immovable Mountains!

Even both of Qing Shui’s hands had become as bright as jades.

Saintly Hands!

A tremendous physical force clashed against the sturdiest ball of air with the Qi force of the Sword of Fifth Wave.

As his wrist shook, a Gold Needle was seen piercing through the ball of air.

Shield Attack!

There wasn’t any response!

Qing Shui wasn’t really surprised. It was a restriction below that of Martial Saint grade, but even though it was only a restriction, it was already enough to cause headaches for people below Martial Saint Grade. Hence, Qing Shui had never thought that it would be easy for him to help undo Yiye Jiange’s seal.

Unfortunately, his Nature Energy was still too weak. If his Nature Energy was strong enough, he would have been able to help her undo it just with it alone.

Shield Attack!

Qing Shui didn’t have any expressions on his face. He once again shook his wrist and shot out a Gold Needle from a different angle towards the ball of air


The fourth one!

The primordial flames sparkled. After that, a white colored halo flashed past. It was yet another Gold Needle that got shot out. It was accurately inserted in a spot on the ball of air.

The five Gold Needles were distributed in a plum blossom shape.

They were constantly giving out faint white-colored halo. 

Shield Attack!

Tiger’s Mount!

Qing Shui continuously increased his aura. Now, he began to feel that he could barely suppress the ball of air. But breaking past it was still a difficult task for him.

Collisions occured one after another, and yet, all attempts resulted in failures. A drop of sweat came out of Qing Shui’s forehead. He was really frustrated with the fact that he was unable to open up a restriction left behind by a Martial Saint.

A formidable rage emerged in him as he thought about the miserable look he had when he was beaten up by the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord and the kind of life that he lived during these three years.

Suddenly, Qing Shui felt the “Emperor’s Qi” moving on its own.

“Yeah, how did I manage to forget about it?”

Qing Shui felt a sense of joy in his heart. He revolved the “Emperor’s Qi” and clashed it against the “Ball of air” restrictions. 

Emperor’s Qi!


Qing Shui fused the rage in his heart into the Emperor’s Qi. The tremendous force and emotion mixed together as they charged towards the restrictions.


The restriction immediately vibrated when it collided with the tremendous force. A huge crack appeared on top of it. 


Very quickly, there were many cracks on the ball of air. In a spurt of energy, Qing Shui once again used the Sword of Fifth Wave and charged towards the restriction with all his might. 


The ball of air bursted open right away. After that, it quickly disappeared into her meridians. Qing Shui looked at the otherworldly woman getting surrounded by the white halo.

He could clearly see the aura within her body increasing constantly. It was as if she was being reborn. The faint, pure, and holy aura was really dazzling.

It wasn’t long before the halo disappeared. It only lasted for about fifteen minutes. After that, Qing Shui looked at Yiye Jiange again. This time, he only felt the otherworldly aura in her body became even more powerful; it was shining brightly.

“Thank you!” Yiye Jiange said as she looked at Qing Shui with a smile.

“Why are you thanking me?” Qing Shui asked. Only until this moment did Qing Shui let go of her hands.

Before Yiye Jiange managed to respond, Qing Shui already went on and said: “Master, I don’t want you to thank me, I don’t want it to ever happen. I am really delighted to do all the things that I could do for you.”

“Then let’s stop talking about these for now. In the future, we will never mention anything about thanking each other ever again.” When Yiye Jiange saw Qing Shui’s expression, she smiled lightly.

“Alright! Where is Luan Luan? Why didn’t I see her?” Qing Shui asked while smiling. 

“She has gone out to play. I think she will be back sooner or later.” Yiye Jiange said as she looked into the sky.

“Oh yeah, have you gone and seen Wushuang?” Said Yiye Jiange as she seemingly thought about Wenren Wushuang.

“Yeah!” Qing Shui answered reluctantly.

“She is suffering a lot… You have to treat her well…”

Qing Shui has never thought that Yiye Jiange would actually say something like this. He didn’t really know what Yiye Jiange meant, but he still nodded his head: “Actually, master suffers a lot as well… It’s just that a lot of people don’t know about it.”

Yiye Jiange’s body trembled. She only gave a faint smile but she refrained from saying anything.

“I have found a “Peach of Immortality” for Luan Luan!” Qing Shui took out a big Peach of Immortality and passed it over to Yiye Jiange.

Yiye Jiange’s eyes were a bit red. She looked at Qing Shui in surprise. Even when Qing Shui previously helped her removed her seal, she hadn’t acted as dramatic as she did now. 

“Luan Luan is blessed to have met you.”

“She is my daughter! I am blessed to have her!”


To one’s surprise, Yiye Jiange smiled: “Do you want to know who set up the restrictions on me?”

Qing Shui also smiled. She was actually willing to answer him this question.

“Yeah, I also want to know who exactly played such a cheap trick on master.” Qing Shui nodded and said.

“This restriction should be something that was set up since a long time ago. At that time, I was still in the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. You are also aware that the continent is ruled by the Beast Tamers. All of the powerful clans and sects consisted of only Beast Tamers. Yiye Clan wasn’t actually considered one of the best clan, but it had its own unique skills among the Beast Tamers. Most importantly, in every one thousand years, a person with Heart of Seven Orifices will be born. Even though their lifespan aren’t long, by relying on the lifespan of Yiye Clan at that time, it wasn’t impossible for them to increase their lifespan up to approximately a hundred years.”

Qing Shui listened very attentively. From the things she said, he was able to piece up together a bit of the events which transpired. 

“Qing Shui, why don’t we walk and talk at the same time?”

Yiye Jiange and Qing Shui stood shoulder to shoulder as they walked towards the main hall.

“Lion King's Ridge was considered to be a formidable force in Northern Sacred Lu Continent. It was also considered to be one of the top three sects in the continent. They knew a lot about the Yiye Clan. Three thousand years ago, a Beast Tamer with the Heart of Seven Orifices was born in Yiye Clan. It was precisely the thirty year old Yiye Clan Beast Tamer who annihilated one of the sects which was almost as strong as Lion King’s Ride in Northern Sacred Lu Continent by relying on his formidable strength and Demonic Beasts.”

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