Chapter 521 - Qing Bei’s Truth Realm, Liu-Li’s Suspicion

Chapter 521 Qing Bei’s Truth Realm, Liu-Li’s Suspicion.

Chapter 521 - Qing Bei’s Truth Realm, Liu-Li’s Suspicion

“Mingyue, I am so happy!” 

Qing Shui embraced her, one of the most attractive women in the entire world of the Nine Continents. He could not quell the sense of pride and satisfaction that suddenly rose in him. Even a woman like her at the level of Martial King could not withstand the exertion of her first time. She laid indolently in Qing Shui’s embrace, with a clouded look in her beautiful eyes. Her face splashed with a tinge of a pink blush could even steal souls. 

“Don’t say that,” Canghai Mingyue replied lazily. 

Qing Shui was infected by her flirtatiousness. He buried his face between her snow-white breasts and busied himself with a series of frenzied nibbles…

“Fate is really a mysterious thing.” Qing Shui said as he gave a sighing smile. 

“Umm,” Canghai Mingyue agreed with a light sound. 

“ When I first saw you in Cang Lang Country, you were traveling in the air. So many people were bowled over by your beguiling looks and appearance,” Qing Shui recalled the scene when he first saw Canghai Mingyue. 

“Then, were you?” Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui with her hazy eyes. 

“Yes, I even reminisce about it now…” 

“You are a scoundrel, even you!”Canghai Mingyue lowered her long lashes avoiding looking into Qing Shui’s amorous eyes. 

Canghai Mingyue could remember an occasion when he had teased her using puns about his “big bird”. It was still funny to her even now when she think about it. 

“He is such a lewd fellow. I was such much more powerful than he was then, yet he even dared to say those words to me,” Canghai Mingyue thought to herself. Thinking about those memories, she really cherished those times. 

“Qing Shui, I achieved so many breakthroughs in...

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