Chapter 51 - The Woman Named Yu He

Chapter 51 The Woman Named Yu He.

Chapter 0051 – The Woman Named Yu He

“Did you really defeat Situ Bu Fan?”

“Third Uncle, whom did you hear it from?” By Qing Shui’s estimation, his 3rd uncle shouldn’t have known about this matter.

“This matter was already made known to the larger clans residing in the Hundred Miles City. Thus, many of those self-proclaimed geniuses of the younger generations want to spar against you.”

Qing Shui lightly laughed, just the younger generations? They do not have the qualifications to make him regard them seriously. Of course, there may be those hidden within the younger generation of “geniuses” who also had the luck to meet with fortuitous events, and gain perverse strength from those encounters. However, such cases were far and few between.

“Do you believe it, 3rd uncle?” Qing Shui laughingly asked, Qing Shui knew that his 3rd uncle was even more of a blockhead than Qing Zi. 3rd Uncle Qing Hu was straight forward to a fault. His character could be aptly described with but a single word: Honesty.

“Seriously speaking, I do not know if I should believe it or not. However, after hearing that bunch of rich young masters who were furiously scolded Situ Bu Fan, calling him a pig head that has lost all the face and pride of their Hundred Miles City, I had no choice but to believe that it’s real.” While speaking, Qing Hu had been observing Qing Shui. Something was different with Qing Shui, but he could not put his hand onto what was it, it seemed like… This quiet and unassuming nephew of his was suddenly like a totally different person, brimming with confidence.

“Hehe, simply because I have more brute strength, thus I accidentally crushed that pig head till the point of unconsciousness.” Qing Shui, in the eyes of the Qing Clan elders, had always been an honest and sensible child, but the words that just came out of his mouth was much easier said than done…

Qing Hu’s mouth slightly twitched, but he did not say anything as a radiant smile appeared on his face. “Let’s go, 3rd uncle knew that you all would be here today, and has already made the reservations at Yu He Inn. Let us go there and enjoy a scrumptious meal for lunch today.”

There were only three to five members of Qing Clan working in the Qing Clan’s Medicinal Store. The rest were all hired labor who had almost all gone on break because of the new year celebrations. Usually, from the Qing Clan there was only Qing Hu and his wife, as well as Qing Yi… Now, there were a total of six people. In addition to the three others from the elder generation, there was also Qing Shui, Qing Shan and Qing Shi.

Qing Shi was the son of Qing Hu, and now that Qing Hu and his wife saw that their son had arrived at Hundred Miles City, they did not know if they should be happy or sad. Coming here, to Hundred Miles City to help out in the business meant that your talent in cultivation was limited, but on the other hand being able to see their son daily was pretty good too.

The Yu He Inn was located on the same luxurious street in Hundred Miles City, and as such, there was only a short distance that needed to be travelled when they embarked from the Qing Clan’s Medicinal Store to the Inn. Hence, instead of taking the horse carriages, the six of them decided to travel on foot. This suited Qing Shui’s intentions perfectly, because other than him wanting to see all the interesting things displayed out in the streets, he also wanted to take the chance to observe the pretty ladies from Hundred Miles City too.

On their way to the Yu He Inn, Qing Shui realized that contrary to popular belief, despite being in the prosperous Hundred Miles City, beautiful ladies were not a dime a dozen. It was just that the ladies in the city paid attention to their state of dress, and used their fashion sense to fully display the contours and outlines of their graceful bodies.

“Hahaha, Qing Shui is really an adult now, look at him secretly observing the pretty ladies.” Qing Hu’s wife, Yuan Ying involuntarily broke out into a smile as she caught Qing Shui’s turning his head in the direction of a well-endowed lady.

“Aunty, beautiful things are there to be admired. I’m just a young man seeking relaxation in beauty.” Qing Shui replied, in a seemingly self-righteous manner.

“Oh, you… This little brat is really interesting. To think that you could come up with such a reason for seeing beautiful girls.”

Turning his head in the direction of the voice, Qing Shui discovered a young woman looking at him. Her buxom was full, yet not overwhelmingly large. Her legs were akin to the point of perfection, long with the bones in a straight line from thigh to her slim ankle. The outline of her legs curving in and out at key points, while her slender waist could be akin to that of a water snake, lithe and graceful. Her fair and slender neck was extremely sexy, and her fashion sense was neat and elegant. She had a charming, misty look in her black eyes, a nose akin to a jade and a little mouth adorned with full red lips that were slightly curled upwards.

“Little fellow, I wonder if I possess the qualifications to make you feast your eyes on me.” The young lady flirtatiously teased Qing Shui.

“Oh my lovely lady, of course you fully deserve my attention. Please let me feast my eyes on you for all eternity of time, even after the oceans have dried up and the rocks crumbled away, I would still want to gaze upon your enchanting visage. Your beauty is akin to an work of art, a beautiful scenery!” Qing Shui seriously replied.

Qing Shui’s words made the lady unable to hold back a laughter, as the sound of her laughter made Qing Shui’s heart go slightly numb. It was extremely comfortable to hear.

“Young Miss Yu, this is my son Qing Shui, please don’t listen to his nonsense. This son of mine is full of warped logic.” Qing Yi happily introduced the both of them, appearing to be very familiar with the young woman that caught Qing Shui’s interest.

“Ah, so it’s the legendary Qing Shui, I heard that the wastrel from the Situ Clan was trounced by you. Good job!” The beautiful young woman surnamed Yu chortled with laughter as she blinked her eyes. Just looking at her made Qing Shui felt slightly intoxicated.

Qing Shui did not expect his defeat of Situ Bu Fan to spread so fast, even this young woman knew about it. Hmm, Yu He Inn, this woman was also surnamed Yu, could it be that this Inn belonged to her?

“Let’s go, the reserved room is already prepared and awaiting your arrival. Let this meal be on me instead.” The young woman smiled as she led Qing Yi and Yuan Ying forward.

After a short moment, Qing Shui inclined his head and realized that they had arrived at the Yu He Inn. This building was even taller than their Qing Clan’s medicinal store, and in contrast, it displayed a certain sense of extravagance, befitting the fact that it was one of the best inns in the city.

At the top of the building was a banner fluttering like a dragon and phoenix dancing in the wind, with the words “Yu He Inn” written on it.

Other than being grand and imposing, the building was also designed meticulously for practical use. Despite the wintry climate outside, the interior of Yu He Inn was designed with bridges over flowing water, full of beauty and filled with the fragrance of the birds and flowers. The temperature was controlled to make guests feel extremely comfortable. It felt like one was in spring time instead.

Every minor detail was taken note of. Anything regarding customer’s comfort and convenience were all fully planned for. For example, even the waitresses of the Inn were top quality beauties, but of course because this place was not in a red-light district like brothels, it was all prim and proper.

From this, one could see that merely dining in the Yu He Inn, was not something that could be afforded by the commoners inhabiting the Hundred Miles City. Only those with a certain status or wealthy families would be able to afford it. Despite the exorbitant prices, there seemed to be no deterrence as Yu He Inn was usually packed to the brim with visitors.

The best seats were obviously at the top of the building. Very quickly, they ascended to the top floor of the Yu He Inn, and entered the room with windows that were facing the streets. Gazing out from this location enable one to take in the full sight of the luxurious street, and one could even see the impressive city walls far off in the horizon.

Only after this did the young lady surnamed Yu left. From the others, Qing Shui managed to find out that her full name was Yu He, and she was the boss of this place. She was one of the clan members belonging to the Yu Clan of Hundred Miles City.

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