Chapter 502 - A bone-chilling gaze

Chapter 502 A bone-chilling gaze.

502 - A bone-chilling gaze

The lady kept looking at Qing Shui from afar, her icy complexion without change. She looked just like a snow lotus flower, even now, when looking at Qing Shui, her gaze was icy.

What Qing Shui the most afraid of was meeting her gaze, he felt it was particularly strange, she was very pretty, but her gaze was too piercing…...

The gaze of that lady would occasionally change, having a hint of a complex look.

Till mid-morning, the lady started to do a slow sword dance with an azure longsword, her sword dance was different from Huoyun Liu-Li’s sword dance, but there were some similarities, they both were graceful.

Her posture during the sword dance was very beautiful, she had a well-rounded figure, especially her swaying waist, she had what was known as the most beautiful ‘slender and supple waist,’ especially that full bottom below her waist, her perfectly round butt caused Qing Shui’s heart to itch incessantly.

Maybe she could feel Qing Shui’s fiery gaze, that lady turned her head to look...

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