Chapter 497 The King's Aura, Silver Wolf Queen.

Chapter 497 The King's Aura, Silver Wolf Queen.

Chapter 497 - The King's Aura, Silver Wolf Queen

A wolf queen?

Qing Shui felt astonished by the sight of countless demonic beasts roaming the ground and the sky. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the mood to enjoy this marvelous sight since he was in the midst of danger. Qing Shui was able to understand why the Flowerfruit Mountain was deemed as dangerous to humankind. He hadn't even reached the deepest part of the mountain, and yet he was already exposed to danger.

He had been gradually losing his strength after the long hours of walking inside the mountain. Qing Shui felt like he was in a dream because of the sight of demonic beasts in the area. He even doubted himself - did he lose his way, or did he go up the wrong mountain?

However, he quickly realized that he was indeed in the Flowerfruit Mountain after seeing the frenzied rage from the demonic beasts, which was considered a common trait of these beasts. Qing Shui even felt that he would be at ease if he ever encountered a pack of wolves later on.

However, he realized he was being naive….

Qing Shui observed the wolves around him as they approached him. However, he wasn’t too worried. The ones currently facing Qing Shui were the vanguards of the wolves, which meant that they were also the weakest of the pack. Most of them were around the Xiantian Grade. There was also about three to five One Horned Silver Wolves at the Elementary Martial King grade amongst the pack.

Qing Shui was more worried about the ‘Divine Black Crows’ that soared the sky above him. It was a good thing that they were outnumbered by the One Horned Silver Wolves, otherwise the wolf pack would be in great danger.

Although the ‘Divine Black Crows’ were stronger than the wolves, they wouldn’t dare to fly down recklessly to assault the wolves. Moreover, the wolves were bloodthirsty beasts in nature, so even if the crows managed to kill a handful of One Horned Silver Wolves, they would still be mauled by...

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