Chapter 477 The powerful Feng Shamo! A Battle of Attrition!.

Chapter 477 The powerful Feng Shamo! A Battle of Attrition!.

Chapter 477 - The powerful Feng Shamo! A Battle of Attrition!

The Bloody Butcher coughed out blood and got blown backward by the shockwave because of his speed. 

His speed was too slow, added to the fact that he was the closest one to the shockwave, he wouldn’t have been able to dodge it even if he had wanted to.

Qing Shui wasn’t worried about the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. He knew that it could hold its own against this kind of strength and that it was capable of receiving heavy damages. Besides, the point where the force converged was on the Tigon Beast Champion. That was the center point of the force where the blast was the strongest. 

When Qing Shui heard the loud and miserable roar, he already knew that the Tigon Beast Champion, which possessed a defensive strength of only three countries, could be considered to have basically been incapacitated under an impact force as strong as the strength of ten countries.


The Bloody Butcher dropped down on a distant spot. After struggling for a while, he stayed down on the ground and didn’t stand back up. Even though the stomping force from the Gigantic Elephant wasn’t aimed at him, he was less than ten meters away from the spot where the force was most concentrated. If he had been two meters closer to it, he might have died on the spot. 

After all, his defensive strength was too much weaker compared to the strength of ten countries.

In fact, the Mighty Elephant Stomp was also the only technique which could fully demonstrate its power. The real strength of the Mighty Elephant Stomp lies in its destructive power. For two techniques which were equivalent to ten countries in term of strength, if one has had higher destructive power than the other, it could have significantly changed the outcome. 

Slowly, the smoke in the air began to spread out. When the crowd was able to see the stage again, they were all frozen in shock by the outcome...

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