Chapter 411 - Great Perfection Stage of Mighty Elephant Stomp

Chapter 411 Great Perfection Stage of Mighty Elephant Stomp.

Chapter 411 - Great Perfection Stage of Mighty Elephant Stomp

The career of a bandit reeks of blood and violence. Yet it is undeniable that such a “profession” is a very enticing one. After all, it is human’s weakness to thirst for success without labor. Thus, bandit guilds would use various methods to attract talent. 

Once they have someone as a target, it is difficult for that person to escape. If the person joins, they can forget about leaving unless they are dead. 

If their offer was not successful, it was only because it was not tempting enough. There is no one in this world who cannot be tempted, just like there is no one who does not betray. It is only a matter of how high the stakes are.

Bandits can use women, money, martial skills, rare equipment, coercion or blackmail. As long as they can get their hands on a person’s weakness, they can be certain that the person will submit.  

There is only one type of person that will not be tempted, and that is a dead person!

Ever since Qing Shui’s reputation rose, many bandits in Hundred Miles City moved away to look for a more suitable city for themselves. However, there were some who wanted to recruit Qing Shui. 

About three hundred miles away from Hundred Miles City, there was a medium-sized mountain range known as “Parallel Mountains”. Two rows of parallel mountain ranges extend for about thirty miles. This was the only route to Zhanyuan City.

In the past, there were many bandits living in these mountain ranges. Then, a gang of even more vicious bandits arrived. There were about five hundred over people in their gang and each of them wore crimson clothes, so people...

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