Chapter 387 In front of the cave of “Deities”, Howling Moon Silver Ape.

Chapter 387 In front of the cave of “Deities”, Howling Moon Silver Ape.

AST 387 - In front of the cave of “Deities”, Howling Moon Silver Ape

“I will tell you this, there’s a huge benefit if you make it through. If you make it through, I will take you through another realm.”

“Brother Shui, I will make it through, I will!”

Qing Bei showed happiness and determination after she heard what Qing Shui said.

Qing Shui smiled and rubbed her head. “Practice hard. When the time comes, Brother Shui will let you soar the entire world of nine continents, alright?”

As she listened to Qing Shui’s warm and ambitious words, Qing Bei nodded her head. She is only two years younger than Qing Shui, but before she even knew it, she started to act like a little girl in front of him…... 

“Brother Qing Shui, why can’t I feel that same enthusiasm?” Qing You looked at Qing Shui bitterly.

“Although you are hardworking, which everyone can see, besides training diligently, you still need to use your mind. With a good mind, you can achieve good results with less effort. You need to concentrate when you train as well. Without concentration, you cannot enter the state of epiphany. If you can’t enter the state of epiphany, then you won’t be able to enter Xiantian.” Qing Shui smiled as he looked at Qing You.

“Then what should I do to concentrate?”

“As they say, only the diligent will survive. If you set your heart on one thing and train until you lose your mind and forget yourself, there is nothing in this world that you cannot do. Not to mention the barrier to Xiantian, which will seem like a common thing to achieve after that.”

Qing You’s eyes lit up from Qing Shui’s words. Qing Shui knew that he had lit the hot-bloodedness in his heart, but it will all depend on whether he can find the key to achieve Xiantian.

The word “concentrate” sounds simple, but it is actually difficult. If one does not fancy martial arts, then they will require a much larger source of power and motivation. Just like Qing Shui, since he knew about the existence of Yan Clan as well as harboring the goal to annihilate them entirely since he was young, this was his motivation.

Although hatred can blind people, it is the easiest and the simplest way to ignite their motivation. Hatred is also the best to ignite one’s hot-bloodedness, allowing the patience, human nature…. All of it to increase greatly. Even their personality will change considerably as well.

In a short while, Qing Yi and Shi QingZhuang walked over. They came to call them for a meal!

Every meal was now quite abundant. With Qing Shui’s condiments, whatever food they made would always smell delicious. That was why in the end, the table that was originally full of dishes and three big bowls of soup were all eaten clean by a few boorish fellows with big appetites.

“I need to go out for a while to do something. I will be back latest by tomorrow. The day after that, we will get ready to set out,” Qing Shui said after he finished his meal and thought about it.

“Qing Shui, be careful.”

Shi QingZhuang lowered her head as she finished speaking, which gathered sincere smiles from everyone present. Qing Yi felt a sense of warmth from that. She was happier that someone cared for her son more than herself.

Qing Shui nodded as he left!

He suddenly thought of the “Deity” inside that cave where he obtained the Big Dipper Sword last time. He felt the need to go back there one more time before heading for the Yan Clan. 

Qing Shui did not step out from the gate. He hopped onto Firebird’s back, and with a loud shriek, they flew away.

Firebird’s speed had long changed from what it used to be. Now, it was able to soar up to the sky with one flap of its wings. Qing Shui led Firebird straight to the cave from before.

Long ago, he had to ride on the Metallic bull beast just so he could travel all the way to Cang Lang Country. There were twists and turns on the road. The whole trip took about two months with about four hours of rest everyday. Sometimes delays were inevitable.

However, this time it’s different. Firebird is a mutated beast of Heaven and Earth. Moreover, it evolved to a beast with the “phoenix crown”. Its speed also increased considerably. There was a great deal of difference between the old blind man’s Black Champion Monarch Falcon back then and the Firebird now.

The necklace that boosts 30% of the overall speed was no small matter. With one swoop from the fiery red wings of Firebird, it flew up the sky like a violent gale.

Qing Shui stood firmly on Firebird’s back. He could feel the strong wind hitting his face like sharp knives. They passed by the mountains and rivers below in a flash.

Qing Shui felt refreshed from the breeze. He didn’t budge even when the strong wind cut through him like knives. Normal people would have been sliced into pieces.

Firebird’s speed was almost at the speed of sound. If the might of a passing train from his previous life could bring down a man, then the power of the wind from two intersecting trains could slice a man. 

The speed of the train was nothing compared to the Firebird’s speed. Firebird was about ten times faster than the train….

The firebird soared through the sky as fast as it could with all its might. They managed to travel half of the country within half the day. Qing Shui felt quite satisfied with Firebird’s speed and endurance.

When he saw the entrance to the cave from Firebird’s back, he felt excited. Before Qing Shui could let Firebird settle down on the blue rock in front of the cave, Firebird let out a piercing cry.

Most of the time Firebird would let out such a cry is when it sensed danger. Qing Shui panicked for a moment. Firebird was a Martial King grade beast as well as a Champion grade beast. It would not let out such a cry even when Firebird met with those who were a bit more powerful than itself.

What kind of power could possibly make Firebird let out an alarming cry?!

Qing Shui activated his spiritual sense and extended towards the surrounding area!

At the same time, he stopped Firebird so it could hover in mid-air!

Qing Shui’s spiritual sense quickly extended into the cave. Inside his spiritual sense, there was a giant figure. Qing Shui felt chills down his spine when he noticed the burly figure was about three metres tall.

This was because the figure looked human. A three-metre tall human?

Most importantly, Qing Shui could feel that his flame of life was extremely intense. No wonder Firebird was alarmed. Qing Shui could not tell the exact power of the figure, but he knew for certain that this figure was much stronger than himself…..

Who is he? Why is this person here?

Qing Shui felt the figure move through his spiritual sense. He felt uncomfortable by its movement as he felt the figure was no different than a human being. The only difference was the long arms extended beyond the knees…..

Qing Shui looked at the entrance, because he knew that the “figure” was about to come out!

When Qing Shui saw the “giant figure”, he was shocked!

It is actually a giant ape!

The giant ape was three metres tall. Its arms and legs are abnormally bulky. The only thing that was visually attractive was the coat of snow-white fur on its body. Moreover, the snow-white coat had no stray hairs and remained pristine. There was also a faint spiritual Qi emanating from the whole body.

It was a mutated beast of Heaven and Earth!

Howling Moon Silver Ape!

Qing Shui had forgotten where he had heard of this name, so when he saw it just now, the name popped out in his mind.

No wonder it didn’t look human. If he didn’t think it was too tall and abnormally large, Qing Shui would have mistaken it as a human, or an ape without its tail.

Even if it was three metres tall, Qing Shui initially thought it was a giant human.

“Three metres tall, about two metres wide, at least more than two thousand pounds in weight!”

Both of the bulky arms extended beyond the knees. Qing Shui observed the Howling Moon Silver Ape’s huge head and large brown eyes. They had an indescribable quick-wittedness like it had experienced great changes in life. Moreover, Qing Shui felt that this Howling Moon Silver Ape was extremely intelligent.

Qing Shui could also feel the formidable strength emanating from the Howling Moon Silver Ape. He shifted his gaze on its long bulky arms, then he thought about the Back Connecting Fists that he had learnt earlier.

Qing Shui knew what he had learnt was “White Ape Arm Enlarging”, but what kind of technique does this enormous beast rely on?

When the Howling Moon Silver Ape met with Qing Shui’s gaze, it did not feel irritated or harbor any murderous intentions. This made Qing Shui feel uncertain. He hesitated. The purpose of coming here was to enter the “Deities Cave of Immortal”, but now he had to defeat this giant ape if he wanted to enter it. However, could he do it?

When Qing Shui came here last time, he didn’t see this Howling Moon Silver Ape. But it had been about four years. He didn’t know what this beast could possibly be doing here.

Qing Shui commanded Firebird so that it would fly over the blue rock. After that, he jumped onto the blue rock from Firebird’s back!

The blue rock wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t that small either. It was about thirty metres in circumference. Qing Shui landed on the centre of the rock. The Howling Moon Silver Ape, on the other hand, stood right beside the entrance of the cave.

When Qing Shui landed on the blue rock, the Howling Moon Silver Ape calmly looked over in his direction.

The impact of his landing felt like a meteor hitting the ground instantaneously! 


Qing Shui had no choice but to directly engage with the silver-haired spiritual ape the moment he landed on the rock!

Taichi Single Whip!

One with Heaven Taichi Single Whip!

Because the Howling Moon Silver Ape managed to reach the bottom edge of the rock even in a slow pace when Qing Shui landed, its bulky arms flung towards Qing Shui like a whip.

The flinging arms met with Qing Shui’s Taichi Single Whip and created a blasting noise!


The vibration from the loud impact shook and crumbled the blue rocks around the area, especially the blue rock underneath Qing Shui, which was cracking bit by bit. Luckily this blue rock wasn’t leaning on the wall but firmly on the ground. Otherwise the entire rock would have broken into fragments.

Qing Shui didn’t hold back and used all of his energy. However, this time he had no weapon or armor to boost his power. Even so, his power was about 5.5 million units without the additional boost. 

But because of the vibration, Qing Shui was distracted as he was forced to retreat a step. However, the Howling Moon Silver Ape did not budge even the slightest!

Just then, Qing Shui could feel the might of the Howling Moon Silver Ape’s arms, which harbored the essentials of the Back Connecting Fists. This was the most authentic Back Connecting Fists.


The Howling Moon Silver Ape was clearly angry. The bulky hind limb stomped on the ground, its enormous body became agile. The ape flung both its arms at Qing Shui, like two huge whips flinging towards him.

Qing Shui’s expressions changed; he retreated a step and slammed forth both his fists!

Taichi Single Whip!

As he tried to use the Taichi Single Whip again, Qing Shui automatically used the Qi concentrating technique from the Back Connecting Fists onto his own Taichi Fist.

Bang bang!

Although Qing Shui retreated two more steps, he was pleasantly surprised because he discovered the Taichi Fist was able to demonstrate a formidable power under the influence of the Back Connecting Fist Qi concentrating technique. He figured that it wasn’t as simple as retreating two steps back had it not been for the might of his technique. He would definitely be pushed back many times further from the force.

Qing Shui always thought that the essence of the Taichi Fist lied on the preemptive strike to the opponents, by conquering the unyielding with the yielding. He naturally used his One with Heaven Taichi Fist when he saw the terrifying power of the Howling Moon Silver Ape.

He thought about using the softness of the Taichi Fist to counteract the beast. But what Qing Shui had mastered was the Ancient Strengthening Technique. This technique mainly focuses on refining the muscles and bones of the body. He had no choice but to infuse the Qi concentrating technique of the Back Connecting Fist to his Taichi Fist as well as the Taichi Single Whip.

Bang bang bang!

After he swallowed the “Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core” and “Greencloud Up-step Pellet”, Qing Shui’s strength grew abnormally powerful. It would be a borderline tie if he tried to fight the Howling Moon Silver Ape now. Although he was fighting unarmed, Qing Shui’s defense had increased by three-fold and because he had consumed the Greencloud Up-step Pellet, his power was also greatly increased due to the previous breakthrough.

If he didn’t consume two of these “godly” medicinal pills, Qing Shui would not be able to withstand the next blow from the Howling Moon Silver Ape!


Qing Shui grabbed the opportunity to land a punch on the back of the Howling Moon Silver Ape. However, this tremendous punch was only able to push the beast forward by a few steps.

“What a powerful body!”

Even if Qing Shui gained three folds of his defense, he was still inferior to the Howling Moon Silver Ape without his “Seven Star Armored Vest”. The Howling Moon Silver Ape was proud because of its strong body flesh, immense power and agile body.

Qing Shui speculated that this Howling Moon Silver Ape was a 10th Grade Martial King level. He also knew that it had not reached the peak of Martial King yet because Qing Shui could still withstand its current power.

Most importantly, the Howling Moon Silver Ape had only been using the strength of its physical body. Qing Shui was also quite skilled in this aspect. However, he felt that this wasn’t the real power of the Howling Moon Silver Ape.

For the next two hours, Qing Shui fought with the Howling Moon Silver Ape relentlessly. The sky turned dark as the silhouette of the moon rose from the west side.

Qing Shui jolted as he saw the moon fully risen in the night sky because he suddenly thought of its name.

Howling Moon Silver Ape!

Qing Shui felt like he was in great danger! He felt a bit nervous, like something was amiss. Because the words ‘Howling Moon’ felt unsettling.

Just then, a loud “ape cry” rang out from the Howling Moon Silver Ape!

Qing Shui quickly retreated. He saw the Howling Moon Silver Ape facing the west direction of the night sky and howled intensely at the bright moon!


In an instant, the three-metre tall bulky body grew about four metres. Its body was already tall and bulky, but now it had become even larger and stronger. The silver fur instantaneously glowed with a faint bright light.

Qing Shui could feel the spiritual Qi of the Howling Moon Silver Ape getting stronger. Both of its eyes became brighter as well. However, deep inside his heart, Qing Shui felt terrified.

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