Chapter 368 - Meeting Shi Qingzhuang again

Chapter 368 Meeting Shi Qingzhuang again.

Chapter 368 - Meeting Shi Qingzhuang Again

“I wonder if I can further upgrade the Big Dipper Sword again after my forging techniques leveled up in the future.”

Qing Shui stopped thinking about that after a while. He was already very satisfied now. In any case, another beaming smile appeared on his face when he thought of the Tiger Stones he had bought. It was too valuable, and Qing Shui could also feel that the Tiger Stones definitely had something to do with forging.

Qing Shui decided that he must surely visit the White Tiger Ridge in the future. With his spatial realm, there was no need to worry about lack of space when it came to storing stuff. He would definitely mine all the stones there and store it securely for his future usage.

Currently, Qing Shui would enter his spatial realm twice every day, with each visit lasting about 16 days. He used this time to perfect his control over the Seven Stars Armored Vest’s essence.

When he...

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