AST 2489 - Battle of the Martial Saints, A Battle Between Supreme Experts

Chapter 2489 - Battle of the Martial Saints, A Battle Between Supreme Experts

Qing Shui quickly received a reply to his challenge. The Divine Palace's Palace Lord was the Heaven Star Battle God.

Qing Shui was a little surprised by this. He had thought that the Heaven Star Battle God would drag things out a little, given his identity. He hadn't expected him to just calmly accept. After all, they had agreed on the location: The Battle God Nation's biggest open arena.

Three days later, this news was also spread out across the world as if it had wings.

Qing Shui diligently practiced the Nine-Mortal Steps. Three days might seem to be very short for many people, but with the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, this duration wasn't considered to be like that. It was close to one years' time. If he was lucky, he might be able to attain a breakthrough to the Eight-Mortal Steps.

He already had one leg in the Eight-Mortal Steps. He seemed to be able to achieve the Eight-Mortal Steps at any moment. However, in this realm, one had a great possibility to be stuck at the Seven-Mortal Steps.

Three days passed by very quickly. Qing Shui didn’t manage to attain a breakthrough to the Eight-Mortal Steps during this time period. During these three days, the number of people in the Battle God Nation's capital seemed to have increased by a lot. There were even many from the ocean domain. Moreover, all of them were experts.

The Nine Continents Divine Palace... The Divine Palace Headquarters' Palace Lord, Heaven Star Battle God, was one of the supreme experts. It was said that he was at the tenth level of the Nurture God Realm. This battle was a rare occurrence in 100 years, so strong people would all come to take a look.

Qing Shui didn't care about the things that were happening outside. He simply kept on cultivating as usual. Many people knew of Qing Shui, a young Battle God, but just hadn't gotten the chance to meet him. Everyone knew that he was young and thus knew that there was a young Battle God who was a great genius.

The day of the challenge arrived and Qing Shui wasn't late. However, he didn't arrive early either. It seemed that the Heaven Star Battle God also arrived at almost the same time as Qing Shui.

There were no judges. This place was the Divine City, the place which belonged to the Divine Palace. It was where the Divine Palace's influence was at.

Qing Shui saw the Heaven Star Battle God. It was an old man with snow-white hair, snow-white beard, and wore plain robes. His back was very straight and his countenance was neither brimming with life nor did he appear to have white hair but youthful appearance. The Heaven Star Battle God's wrinkles weren't very deep, but he appeared to be very old at the same time.

He had a pair of eyes that seemed to have witnessed many things in life but when he saw Qing Shui, he still felt surprised. This was a form of admiration and joy. Soon after, he broke into a hint of a smile.

"You're a Battle God. I'm very satisfied to see an existence like you amongst the juniors." The Heaven Star Battle God smiled and said.

Qing Shui heard sincerity in his words. It wasn't a lie nor was it said for the people around him.

"Sir, I'm reckless, but I still have to do this. Please don't blame me for this." Qing Shui bowed slightly. No matter what, the old man was his senior. Moreover, Qing Shui felt that he was an old man who deserved to be respected.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. I'm already a person on my deathbed. Therefore, I won't lie. I don't care to do something like this either." The Heaven Star Battle God chuckled.

"The Divine Palace has changed." Qing Shui realized that he didn't care that much about this anymore.

"It might have changed, but not entirely. This is how this world is. Although I'm the Palace Lord, I've long not interfered with the Divine Palace's matters. However, I know that quite a number of my Divine Palaces aren't the way you hope for them to be." The old man shook his head.

Qing Shui knew that regardless if the Divine Palace had truly changed or not, he would still come to the Nine Continents Divine Palace to interfere with them for Tantai Lingyan's sake.

"Young man, you have a tribulation to cross. You should fret over women. You aren't decisive on the matters concerning women and you're too soft-hearted." The Heaven Star Battle God sighed.

Qing Shui was stunned. Could it be that this old man knew of his situation?

"That might be so." Qing Shui replied calmly.

"But you're destined to soar, and I can't stop that. I have the feeling that I might be stronger than you, but during our battle, I'd be the one to die. Despite so, I'd still have to fight this battle. I just hope that you can agree to one of my conditions."

The Heaven Star Battle God's words caused the people around to break into a commotion. He would die. In the hands of this young man. What was this situation? When everyone first saw Qing Shui, they were all astonished. This person was very young and was a Battle God. Moreover, he was also a young Battle God who stood at the very top of humanity. This had attracted many feelings of jealousy, admiration, and love to him.

"Go ahead, but I may not necessarily agree." Qing Shui won't make his stand too definite.

"I know that you'll wield control over the Divine Palace, but I hope that you'll treat them well and give them a route to live." the Heaven Star Battle God said with a heavy heart.

"I can promise you this, but what is there in it for me?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"This is the Heaven Yang Pill. It can let you attain a breakthrough from the seventh level of the Nurture God Realm to the eighth. It can't allow the consumer to break through major grade. This is the Nurture God Realm's divine pill and each person can only take one. With this, you can decide whether you want to use it at the eighth or ninth level of the Nurture God Realm. It is certain that each person can only take one of it, even if you have some unique medicinal pills or things like that." The Heaven Star Battle God tossed an exquisite-looking jade bottle to Qing Shui that was about the size of a person's fist.

Qing Shui caught it and could tell with his Heavenly Vision Technique that it was real. Moreover, there were three of them.

It was time to battle!

The Heaven Star Battle God brought out his Heaven Star Sword.

The Heaven Star Battle God was also a Golden Battle God, but his weapon wasn't the Golden Sword. With that said, the Heaven Star Battle God's Heaven Star Sword didn't differ greatly from the Golden Sword. Moreover, the Heaven Star Sword should be better than the Golden Sword.

Qing Shui held the Divine Weapon Flying Sword and circulated his powers to the peak. He then took a step forward.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Buddha Diamond Seal!

Stellar Transposition!

A stream of Origin Qi that was like a horrifying Milky Way gushed out with absolute powers.

The Heaven Star Battle God's longsword shook and a stretch of things that were like stars got into an entanglement with the Stellar Transposition.

Qing Shui's eyes lit up. This was the first time he saw someone being able to put up a fight against his Stellar Transposition head-on, even if he hadn't used his full powers. After all, he had yet to use the Mortal Steps nor had he weakened his opponent by much. However, his sturdy defense was still there and the Stellar Transposition's prowess could neglect any form of defense.


This was nullifying. Qing Shui watched in surprise as he saw that there were no explosive sounds in this collision. Instead, there was nullifying effects. It meant that the Heaven Star Battle God's strength was above his.

Emperor's Qi!

After the first clash, Qing Shui used the Emperor's Qi directly.

The Heaven Star Battle God was surprised for a short moment. He was still very powerful despite being weakened by 20%. He then swung the Heaven Star Sword and sent a circle of golden glow pressing down toward Qing Shui.


This was a suppression between realms, and the Heaven Star Battle God's suppression was very overwhelming as well. Even people of the same realms could be suppressed. Qing Shui's realm was lower than his and due to that, there was a high probability that this oppression attempt would be successful.

Emperor's Might Brilliant Dao!

Qing Shui released a majestic Emperor's might and forcibly fend off against this suppression.

The Heaven Star Battle God felt that if he were to attack normally, he might be able to win against Qing Shui. However, he believed that if he were to fight like that, there would be dangerous elements that could be lethal coming from Qing Shui. This was why he sensed that he might lose his life. He finally understood it now.

The Emperor's Might Brilliant Dao was the true sovereign's blood lineage, a Martial Saint's physique.

Mortal Steps!

Qing Shui instantly took six steps and then followed by another.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Boom! This step he took was combined with the Mighty Elephant Stomp.

This stomp seemed to even cause the entire sky to explode. Immediately his Divine Weapon Flying Sword pierced out toward the Heaven Star Battle God.

Basic Sword Technique!

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