AST 2487 - Dazzling Strike, Berserk Stellar Transposition

Chapter 2487 - Dazzling Strike, Berserk Stellar Transposition

It had already been a month since the crew’s arrival to the capital. A month of peace made Qing Shui felt surprised. He did not know what the reason was, but based on his understanding, Divine Nation Headquarters Divine Palace would not let him live peacefully. They would definitely remove him from existence.

Whatever the reason may be, Qing Shui was content about it. He had gained some valuable time during this calm. Qing Shui was extremely confident now that he had broken through. He was confident to the point that he could hold his own against the Nine Continents Divine Palace.

Within the last two years, even as they recently arrived at the capital of the Divine Nation, Qing Shui had received news regarding forces such as Demon Gate, Nine Continents’ Martial Gate, Martial Saint Divine Palace, Ice...

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