AST 2483 - Powerful Five Elements Hellhound

Chapter 2483 - Powerful Five Elements Hellhound


The Massacre Battle God's sword pierced right into his opponent's heart and rapidly exploded.

Both parties' battle was to life and death. After arriving in the Divine City, many people in Qing Shui's group had changed. There were differences between Battle Gods as well and after they saw everything that the Divine Palace had done here, these people were given the death mark by Qing Shui and would be killed if possible.

These people no longer deserved to be Battle Gods. It wouldn't be strange to call it a change in era either. They were gentlemen who feigned the righteous path and could be even more terrible than vile characters. There was no perfect distinction between what was right or wrong. There were also kind people among the bad guys and people who pretended to be good who were even more terrible than bad guys.

The Divine Palace had its own reason to exist. Since there was a Divine Palace like this, then there wouldn't...

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