AST 2481 - Battle Gods' Resolving Method, Arranging for Battle

Chapter 2481 - Battle Gods' Resolving Method, Arranging for Battle

"There hasn't been anyone who dares to oppose me, the Young Master Shen. You're courting death. Do you know what place this is?" Young Master Shen wore an expression which seemed to say that Qing Shui's group had gotten themselves into big trouble.

Hearing Young Master Shen's words, Hao Tian laughed, "Do you feel good to be saying this? Do you feel a great sense of achievement? There won't be any problem for us to kill someone like you. Do you believe this?"

"You have guts. I hope that you can still smile after this. Call the Windsaber Battle God here." Young Master Shen smiled and said.

"These people are going to be in trouble. Although Young Master Shen is a profligate son, he is also the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace here." Someone murmured softly in the distance.

Qing Shui and the group had a strong sense of hearing and could naturally hear what the person...

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