AST 2479 - Headquarters? Demon City, Divine City

Chapter 2479 - Headquarters? Demon City, Divine City

There was naturally no way Qing Shui would handover the Yang Stone. The other party weren’t good people and had even tried to make use of him earlier. To think that they were trying to set their eyes on him just because they weren’t able to team up. Did he look so much like a pushover?

Qing Shui spoke very calmly. The Four Directions Clan were quite strong, but it wouldn’t be that easy for them to lay their hands on him.

West Rendu was very surprised over Qing Shui’s words. He naturally believed that the junior in his clan wouldn’t lie to him. He continued to smile warmly at Qing Shui, saying, “You’re saying that you’re planning to keep our thing for yourself?”

“I said that you’re mistaken. I don’t have anything that belongs to your clan. Do you think that I’m a pushover just because I’m not from this place?” Qing Shui looked at...

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