AST 2477 - Venomous Black Snake, Hell Demonic Snake

Chapter 2477 - Venomous Black Snake, Hell Demonic Snake

Just like that, Qing Shui's group walked passed them and headed to the depths of the Nine Suns Purgatory.

"North Wind, you fool! Why did you have to give it to him? This is great!" West Ox said angrily.

"How would I know that I'd encounter such a domineering person? Moreover, this isn't bad either. It's better than giving it to you." North Wind smiled and said.

West Ox didn't manage to get his hands on the Yang Stone and had lost several tens of people, so much more than the number of deaths from the North Clan. These people were the talents in the clan, and in a massive clan, these people were considered to be lower-level leaders. They were the mid-tier personnel and were very important.

"Let's go back. We'll get more people from the clan and block him. How could you just give up such a big piece of Yang Stone like this?" The more West Ox thought about it,...

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