AST 2476 - North Wind, West Ox, Yang Stone

Chapter 2476 - North Wind, West Ox, Yang Stone

It didn't take long for Qing Shui and the others to arrive where the sound was coming from. The two parties were engaged in battle. Or rather, it should be said that one side was on self-defense while the other was attacking.

Ten or more people were being surrounded and attacked, and they were now putting up a difficult fight.

"North Wind, don't be resisting anymore. It's futile." A man standing at the back said proudly.

"West Ox, you despicable guy. If you're capable, then let's have a duel. Launching an assault on us and winning us with numbers is something that won't convince me even if I were to die."

The man called North Wind had a burly build. Holding a huge Mountain Piercing Axe, he cleared up a safe area.

"Haha, won't be convinced even if you were to die? I'm not trying to convince you. I just want you to die. The winners are the ones who get the final...

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