AST 2475 - Nine Suns Purgatory, Myriad Treasures Battle God

Chapter 2475 - Nine Suns Purgatory, Myriad Treasures Battle God

She seemed to be both very fast and very slow. However, in actual fact, not much time had passed. The snow-white demonic beast that seemed aesthetically real appeared. Surprisingly, It looked exactly the same as this pitch-black creature. It was just that the one the woman had drawn was snow-white in color and wasn't moving at all.

Adding the finishing touch to bring the art to life!

After the superb final touch by the woman's jade brush, the snow-white creature emitted a brilliant glow that was extremely bright.


A loud roar rang out and the snow-white creature came to life. It darted out toward the huge black demonic beast.

Boom boom...

Terrifying clashing sounds rang out and it didn't take long before the huge snow-white demonic beast ended up being at a disadvantage. At this moment, the woman picked up the jade brush once again. 

Swoosh swoosh...

Her beautiful figure moved around again, and a huge...

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