AST 2471 - Nine Suns Domain, Mortal Orthodoxy, Poison Wolf King

Chapter 2471 - Nine Suns Domain, Mortal Orthodoxy, Poison Wolf King

Just from its name 'Dragon Binding Ropes', it was clear that this thing wasn't bad. However, Qing Shui had no idea if the so-called dragon was the same as the one in his mind. If it was the legendary divine dragon, then this Dragon Binding Ropes would be too terrifying. But anyway it wasn't possible for it to be just ordinary demonic beasts’ dragon. It was because this was a divine earth-grade weapon, so it shouldn't be that crappy. After all, this was the sole ability it had.

At the thought of this, Qing Shui decided to give it a try. He looked at the Primordial Dragon Elephant and struck out with the Dragon Binding Ropes.

Qing Shui had already sent a thought to the Primordial Dragon Elephant to tell it to dodge and escape. The Primordial Dragon Elephant's injuries had already recovered. At the instant it was escaping, the Dragon Binding Ropes turned into a golden divine dragon. When Qing Shui saw this, he felt extremely agitated. This was the true appearance of a divine dragon.


The Primordial Dragon Elephant was caught. Qing Shui then felt that his Origin Qi was seeping away rapidly. Despite so, it was still at a level he could accept. The Primordial Dragon Elephant was restrained and unable to budge.

The Primordial Dragon Elephant's current strength wasn't to be underestimated. Qing Shui felt confident in the Dragon Binding Ropes to see that it could easily restrain the Primordial Dragon Elephant; it deserved to be called a divine earth-grade treasure. Qing Shui then tested it on Dark Phoenix and it continued to be successful. However, his Origin Qi depletion increased by several folds. In the end, it took about two breaths' time for Dark Phoenix to break free.

Qing Shui was satisfied, very satisfied. The Dragon Binding Ropes couldn't kill powerful existences but could work together with Qing Shui's and his demonic beasts' killing moves.


After sharing the Super Foundation Building Pill and other things with the others, Qing Shui set up the Spirit Gathering Formation and let them enter training in seclusion. They should head for the Nine Moons Domain's Imperial City next, as Qing Shui didn't wish to travel city by city. He didn't have the time to do so nor was there a need to do so.

The demise of the Mortal City's He Clan also caused the reputation of Qing Shui and his group to rise up rapidly. Everyone knew that a demonic young man had risen up like a comet. This was a new star that was rising up like how the sun rose up in the east.

The He Clan wasn't just the dominator in Mortal City. It was also very well-known even amongst the entire Nine Moons Domain. Many powers in the Imperial City also felt at a loss upon hearing of the He Clan's demise. They had already received news that this man and the group he was with were going to the Imperial City. People who were well-informed already knew that Qing Shui and the group had wiped out many supreme aristocratic clans and great sects on the way...

Many great clans and powers had started to warn their clansmen and juniors not to offend Qing Shui. Otherwise, the clan would kill them personally to apologize to Qing Shui.

In a cluster of buildings that was like a palace in the Nine Suns Domain, something that was like a small porcelain bottle in an ancient ancestral hall suddenly shattered.

"Clan's head, the demonic bottle for the Mortal City has shattered." A middle-aged man rushed into a hall.

"I got it. You can take your leave!" An aged voice rang out.


A prestigious-looking old man sat in the hall. His body was straight and he had broad shoulders as well as a tall stature. His thick hair and beard made him look like a ferocious lion.

He was slowly pacing around when a man walked in, wearing luxurious clothes. This man had an extraordinary disposition and appeared handsome and graceful.

"Grandfather, you were looking for me?" the man asked respectfully.

"There's trouble at Mortal City. Earlier, we've found out that it's a group of people from the Divine Palace who did it. Head over to the Nine Moons Domain to take a look. There's no rush to do anything. Just see if there's anything special about this person and if he has any background." The old man looked at the other man, his pair of eyes appearing deep and aged.

"Yes, I'll be heading over," the man said seriously.

"Go on!"


Nine Moons Domain!

Worn out by a long journey, Qing Shui and the group finally arrived in the Nine Moons Domain's Imperial City after two months. This world was too big. Right now, Qing Shui's ability to travel was already very terrifying. However, this trip still took them so long, showing them how vast the Nine Moons Domain was.

An ancient aura filled the air. Qing Shui's Spiritual Sense was very sharp and upon reaching, he could sense that the backgrounds of the people in the Imperial City were much stronger compared to that of Mortal City's.

Two months time... In terms of the time flow for the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, over 15 years had passed. Qing Shui had reached the Six-Mortal Steps and could instantly take six steps right away.

Qing Shui's talent could be said to be absolutely top-notch. Moreover, he had practiced relentlessly time and time again. From the beginning until now, he had cultivated several thousand or several ten thousand times. Practice makes perfect and unknowingly, he had slowly dug into its real intent. 

Taking over ten years to cultivate to six steps... This speed wasn't considered fast. However, Qing Shui knew that his cultivation was definitely different from ordinary people. In his previous life, people tended to say that one must keep on studying until the contents were deeply engraved into their brains. In such a situation, one would either destroy themselves in their training or reach a terrifying realm.

The Six-Mortal Steps let Qing Shui get a lot stronger. If he were to fight against He Lianba now, Qing Shui could use frontal attacks to win against him.

Qing Shui tried to cultivate the Giant Golden Spiritual Figure but realized that he was unable to cultivate in it. He had no idea why he couldn't even reach the lowest level in this technique. It was as if there was a repulsion. On the other hand, the Diamond Battle God and Hill Moving Battle God both improved in this technique at a tremendous rate. In the end, Qing Shui gave up on it.

The two ladies chose not to pick this skill up, saying that they didn't wish to take on that burly built.

The Massacre Battle God was also unable to learn it. Qing Shui found this baffling.

It was a pity that they didn't get the other things like Mortal's Regrets and Mortal's Palm.


It was very lively in the Imperial City. Qing Shui knew that Tantai Lingyan could be here, but he wasn't sure if she was still around. If she was, Qing Shui planned to let her learn the Mortal Steps as well...

Regardless of the situation, she was his woman. Even if they were standing on opposite stands now, this was still a fact.

Qing Shui asked around and the results made him very happy. The Demon Gate was still here and it was a powerful force here. Not only was the Demon Gate here, but there were also the major sects in the nine continents as well as the Divine Palace. There were also many mysterious forces here as well. The Imperial City was a lot more complicated, and the royal family was also a deep, unfathomable force, inheriting an ancient legacy.

"Let's find a place to settle down first. Shall we head to an inn or to the Divine Palace here?" Nuo Lan smiled and asked.

"Let's head to the inn first. We'll go pay a visit to the Divine Palace tomorrow." Qing Shui gave it some thought before saying.

The group stayed in a big inn in the Imperial City. There were many inns here next to each other. They couldn't tell which ones were better, as all of them had a bustling business. All of them were decorated extravagantly and emitted great fragrances.

This inn was called the Nine Continents Food Residence—Cloud Inn.

"No wonder it's so popular. It's the Nine Continents Food Residence. What about that one over there?"

Nine Continents Food Residence—Star Inn.

Chain stores... Qing Shui let out 'tsk' sounds and then entered into the inn.

Qing Shui suddenly stopped and looked in the leftward direction behind him. A man was looking at him from a distance with a concealed aura. That guy was very handsome but appeared to have a little demonic charm. Earlier on, Qing Shui had clearly sensed a killing intent that had come from this guy.

This made Qing Shui baffled. He had just arrived in the Imperial City. Who on earth wanted to kill him?

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Qing Shui kept having the feeling that his aura wasn't right. At one look, Qing Shui was stunned.

This person was a Poison Wolf that was pitch-black!

The Poison Wolf King... The senior martial brother of that woman from the Divine Rain Sect.

This was what Qing Shui had sensed, and his sense wouldn't be wrong. Since he had met this guy, he decided to get this matter settled. Qing Shui said to the others, "You guys go in first. Be careful. I'll go and take care of something."

Everyone in the group was now very strong and thus Qing Shui wasn't very worried. He had the feeling that he wouldn't take long.

Qing Shui walked over to the Poison Wolf King, but the latter backed off. Although the Poison Wolf King didn't look like he was moving very fast, he was actually moving at a very fast speed.

Qing Shui crossed several hundred meters in one step and followed after the Poison Wolf King with ease.

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