AST 2469 - He Clan Wiped Out, Great Yields

Chapter 2469 - He Clan Wiped Out, Great Yields

A chaotic battle had started so Qing Shui took out a Buddha Light Golden Lotus and swallowed it. Although his wounds recovered a little, his battle prowess had plunged by a lot. In the current situation, many experts were ready to make a move toward Qing Shui. 

He Tongtian was the strongest in the He Clan after He Lianba. With He Lianba dead, if the He Clan could survive this, then He Tongtian would enjoy the greatest status in the He Clan.

He Tongtian and He Lianba were brothers, but each had his own branch in the clan. However, previously, He Lianba's strength was definitely completely stronger than He Tongtian's. In a normal situation, He Lianba's lifespan would be a lot longer compared to He Tongtian's, so there wasn't a need for He Tongtian to do much.

However, no one would have expected that there would be someone in the Mortal City who could kill He Lianba.

Right now, He Tongtian felt a little agitated....

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