AST 2469 - He Clan Wiped Out, Great Yields

Chapter 2469 - He Clan Wiped Out, Great Yields

A chaotic battle had started so Qing Shui took out a Buddha Light Golden Lotus and swallowed it. Although his wounds recovered a little, his battle prowess had plunged by a lot. In the current situation, many experts were ready to make a move toward Qing Shui. 

He Tongtian was the strongest in the He Clan after He Lianba. With He Lianba dead, if the He Clan could survive this, then He Tongtian would enjoy the greatest status in the He Clan.

He Tongtian and He Lianba were brothers, but each had his own branch in the clan. However, previously, He Lianba's strength was definitely completely stronger than He Tongtian's. In a normal situation, He Lianba's lifespan would be a lot longer compared to He Tongtian's, so there wasn't a need for He Tongtian to do much.

However, no one would have expected that there would be someone in the Mortal City who could kill He Lianba.

Right now, He Tongtian felt a little agitated. He was also the person who wanted to kill Qing Shui the most and was now taking steps toward Qing Shui. He wasn't as strong as He Lianba and he didn't dare to lay a hand on Qing Shui when Qing Shui was unharmed. However, Qing Shui was seriously injured at the moment.

He didn't consider how He Lianba died. Right now, he was only thinking about how he could kill Qing Shui.


He Tongtian's figure suddenly reached an extreme speed as he launched a ferocious and domineering strike toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui had been paying attention all this while. With He Lianba dead, Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief. He should be able to handle the rest of the people. Right now, his injuries weren't as bad as they seemed to be.

Three-Mortal Steps!

Nine Continents Mountain!

With a single thought, the Nine Continents Mountain appeared before Qing Shui, blocking He Tongtian's attack. Qing Shui managed to dodge the attack. Both the Dragon Slaying Beast and Dark Phoenix were very busy at the moment. The people from the Divine Palace had set up a formation that emphasized defense.

With Qing Shui's unique abilities and reinforcements, his defense was very strong.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Qing Shui took this opportunity to kill an expert who had launched a sneak attack on him. Qing Shui had no idea if this person was from the He Clan.

Qing Shui didn't use the Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm again. It couldn't be used too frequently since it was his final trump.

The Black Ice Divine Worm's prowess was also displayed.

Its domineering venom caused more than half the people to retreat from the battlefield. The chaotic battle became a lot quieter. At this moment, the Massacre Battle God's terrifying side was displayed. He had killed quite a number of people but was being hindered by an old man from the He Clan.

Rainbow Divine Dragon!

Shen Huang's Rainbow Divine Dragon was still in its adolescent stage, but its prowess wasn't simple. There was also Beihuang Fan's Sun Phoenix. Although its blood lineage wasn't comparable to Qing Shui's Dark Phoenix, it was still one-third of the Dark Phoenix's level, with about 20% of the Phoenix's blood lineage. Its battle prowess wasn't bad as well.

The moment He Tongtian's attack didn't pull through, he used the Seven-Mortal Steps and turned into a human sword that slashed out toward Qing Shui.


Qing Shui figure was shattered by this attack.

He Tongtian was stunned as he looked at this scene in disbelief. His attack might be very powerful and Qing Shui might be very weak at the moment, so it wasn't impossible for such a situation to occur. However, he had the feeling that something wasn't right.

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

Suddenly, a violent power rose up from under his feet and he knew that things weren't good. Blood-red demonic vines soared up, binding He Tongtian. Sharp reverse spikes kept on attacking He Tongtian's body.

The bloodthirsty demonic vines was of the wood attribute in the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique. It was also the most terrifying move that Qing Shui felt that he had—control. Even the current He Tongtian might not be able to get out of his control.

Earlier on, the figure that He Tongtian had smashed was a replacement marionette.

Back then, Qing Shui was in danger and he suddenly recalled those puppet marionettes he had purchased a very long time ago. Thereafter, he had refined replacement marionettes. However, he kept having the feeling that they couldn't be of use and he almost forgotten about them. He hadn't expected that they would be put to use at the current moment.

Long Zhu`er threw out a big web directly and kept on using its spider silk to entangle him while the Black Ice Divine Worm kept on spurting out venom...

An expert like He Tongtian was unable to handle this at all.

He Tongtian was doomed. Without He Tongtian, although there were still many experts present amongst the people from the He Clan, none of them were able to fend off the Golden Primordial Bear and Dark Phoenix. Moreover, there was still the support from the Dragon Slaying Beast, Long Zhu`er, and the Thunderous Beast.

The Hill Moving Battle God, Diamond Battle God, Massacre Battle God, the two ladies, the Beast King Battle God, Hao Tian, Ling Chen and the others also started to control the battlefield.

Toward the end, many influences in the surroundings disappeared. There were no more people from the He Clan either.

Qing Shui sat down weakly on the ground, but appeared to be very happy. He hadn't expected that he would wipe out the He Clan in the Mortal City. Everything was all because of some contradictions between He Fan and himself...

This was how it was between cultivators. They would draw their blades at each other, sending blood splattering. This wasn't all. In the end, things would develop into a chaotic battle and one side would lose everything.

Qing Shui thought of the Nine-Mortal Steps. Wealth gained from a battle were windfalls. The Nine-Mortal Steps was definitely a divine technique that could be listed amongst the top. When cultivated to a great level of proficiency, one would definitely be able to dish out instant kills.

The formation wasn't bad, but this time around, Qing Shui saw some unique things that could break formations easily, regardless of what kind of great formations they were, even if they were ancient great formations. There would definitely be people or things that could break the Ancient Great Formation.

Strength was the most important. It was better to work hard and to get better!

Qing Shui thought of the Mortal’s Regrets, Mortal’s Palm, and other attacks that the He Clan's Old Ancestor knew. He hadn't been able to locate them. It seemed that there were some legacies that wouldn't be left behind in manuals. By right, techniques like the Nine-Mortal Steps and Giant Golden Spiritual Figure shouldn't have been passed down through manuals either.

It might be due to confidence, complacency, or some other reasons.

Qing Shui led everyone to the He Clan directly. With such a powerful influence suddenly being wiped out, there would naturally be a lot of good things. He didn't wish to let other people receive the windfall. Right now, no one in the Mortal City would dare to stop him.

With the Dragon Slaying Beast, they didn't take long to move all the good things from the He Clan. It was a huge influence with a long legacy. They had a lot of good things. There were Divine Weapons, miraculous medicine, medicinal herbs, minerals and ores from divine areas... there were also quite a lot of unique things that no one knew what they were, yet they seemed unusual...

This time around, they had gained a lot. Qing Shui and the others left the He Clan. This massive manor suddenly collapsed, and this also represented the He Clan's destruction.

The Mortal City's dominator that had a long legacy was suddenly wiped out. This was the Nine Continents. One who was enjoying an impressive life the day before might just disappear in the course of history tomorrow.

After returning to the manor, Qing Shui recuperated his injuries and the two ladies set up the formation once again.

They had gotten quite a lot of Divine Weapons and Qing Shui planned to temper everyone's weapons to make them better. Some of those miraculous medicine or medicinal pills could be taken directly, but some needed to be refined or improved by placing them in the Treasure Basin. Therefore, Qing Shui still had a lot of things to work on to improve at the moment.

Qing Shui found three treasure pagodas amongst those unique things. They were all Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagodas and Qing Shui gave them to the three people who had violent attacking prowess. Other than that, there were also some treasures, one being a medicine cauldron. It was a lot better than the one Qing Shui had been using to refine medicine for the past few decades but its name was very boorish—Divine Medicine Cauldron.

There were ten Bones of the Living Dead medicinal pills. This made Qing Shui feel that the He Clan really had a strong background.

This was an absolute divine medicinal pill. As long as one hadn't died for over two hours and didn't lose his head nor been turned into a pile of minced meat, he could entirely be brought back to life. Even if he lost an arm, leg, or even his penis, the pill could grow new ones. This was how powerful this miraculous medicine was. 

Other than that, if a person who was in good condition were to use this medicinal pill, its powerful spiritual Qi and medicinal effects could increase his cultivation, stabilize his foundation, and even allow him to attain a breakthrough to greater realms.

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