AST 2467 - Life Hanging By A Thread, Using All Trump Cards

Chapter 2467 - Life Hanging By A Thread, Using All Trump Cards

Mortal's Regrets!

Mortals could regret. A circle of glowing light rose up slowly and He Lianba's figure followed after the trailing part of blood brought by the Flying Sword. The blood in the places He Lianba passed by disappeared, returning to the place where he had been pierced, and everything returned to the original state.

"This is the He Clan's most terrifying Mortal's Regrets. It's a pity. Without this, that young man would have won."

"It's really unbelievable. To think that this young man can take He Lianba on to such an extent. He's too astonishing and should be stronger compared to those genius members from the divine sects."

"The golden light from that young man earlier on was also one that saved his life. This young man also have good things on him. Seems that even He Lianba will be feeling some pressure now."


Although He...

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