AST 2464 - Making Threats And Temptations, Using Art Scroll to Destroy Formation

Chapter 2464 - Making Threats And Temptations, Using Art Scroll to Destroy Formation

This unexpected occurrence caused those old men to be astonished. He Yilong didn't manage to destroy the formations but instead was repelled and inflicted with serious injuries. Previously, the old men had all thought that it would be a breeze for He Yilong and the group to destroy the formation given their impetus. Even they wouldn't have been able to fend off He Yilong's group...

This Nine-Mortal Steps that was used as a group was especially effective to break into cities, break formations, or attack an immobile target. However, it would take an especially long time to prepare and there were strong restraints. Therefore, it was basically very hard for one to use the Nine-Mortal Steps this way in battles.

This wasn't the first time that He Yilong had used this method to break formations. It was even more effective compared to deploying Formation Masters. Many a time, when even Formation Masters were unable to break the formations, they would rely on the Nine-Mortal Steps as a big group to break the formations.

This was something that the He Clan was very proud of. The Mortal Legacy was perfect in their hearts, being able to accomplish anything. The He Clan's position in the Mortal City had been passed down for very long, all thanks to the Mortal Legacy.

At this moment, Qing Shui walked out. He looked at the many people outside and knew what the situation was. He smiled and said, "I'll make sure that the person who destroys my formation suffers tragically."

A faint smile and murderous gaze caused the surroundings to fell silent. If it was said that previously many people were unable to accept this then right now, everyone knew that he was the one who had set up the formations. How could a person who could set up such a terrifying formation be a simple character? If one were to offend him, he could trap you in your house until your death...

"Young man, were you the one to kill members of our He Clan?" The prestigious-looking young man looked at Qing Shui and said calmly.

"I don't know who they are, but some evil people wanted to kill me. However, it turned out that I still lack control and accidentally killed two of them." Qing Shui seemed to give some thought before saying.

Qing Shui's attitude caused He Lianba's fury to rise up. He had the strong urge to slap Qing Shui to death. However, He Lianba knew that the most important thing at the moment was to get back the Nine-Mortal Steps and the Giant Golden Spiritual Figure. These two things mustn't be leaked.

"We have no ill intent. How about we have a talk?" He Lianba tried hard to lower his attitude.

"Haha, no ill intent? With so many of you here, you're saying that you have no ill intent? If you don't have any ill intent, then why are you destroying my formations?" Qing Shui spat out, not showing them any face.

"You..." He Lianba's face turned black. He was a person who enjoyed great status and when had he ever been treated in this manner? However, he told himself to bear with it and to only take care of Qing Shui after they had gotten back the Nine-Mortal Steps and the Giant Golden Spiritual Figure. Then, he'd make Qing Shui suffer a fate worse than death.

"Alright, you guys can go back. Don't come and disturb me. Otherwise, I won't be holding back." Qing Shui turned and was about to leave.

"Brother, I'm very sincere. We're from the He Clan and I'm He Lianba. Two of my family members have died and we wish to take back their stuff." He Lianba said seriously.

"I'm sorry, I don't have anything here." Qing Shui waved his hand.

"You're really not planning on handing them over? Those things belong to our He Clan and are very useful to us. We can use other things to trade for them. Medicinal pills that can bring a person back to life and let their bodies regenerate or divine artifacts, take your pick. We guarantee that we won't make things hard on you after you hand over those things. Otherwise, our He Clan will fight you to the bitter death even if both sides will suffer casualties." He Lianba threw out threats and temptations in addition to lowering his attitude.

Qing Shui smiled, "I really don't have them. I want divine artifacts and miraculous medicine as well, but I really don't have the things you’ve mentioned. Am I supposed to randomly find something and trade it with you?"

"Young man, we're all aware of the truth. Those people who returned saw you taking that Interspatial Bangle." He Lianba stared into Qing Shui's eyes and said.

"Oh, I remember that now. You were referring to that? I gave it to a child to play with because I saw that it looked very nice. I've already given to a child. If I ask for it back, the kid will cry." Qing Shui rubbed his forehead and said this, as if he was at a loss.

Right now, He Lianba had the urge to spurt blood. He tried hard to calm himself down. He knew that this kid wasn't as innocent as he appeared to be. When he saw Qing Shui's innocent gaze, he had the feeling that this kid was very crafty. However, there was nothing he could do for now.

"Maybe the kid will look for another pretty-looking item, so try to trade these for the one with the kid." He Lianba tossed Qing Shui a pair of bangles. They were very valuable and beautiful jade bangles. However, they were merely bangles and were worthless to cultivators. These bangles could only be sold for common money.

Qing Shui took them and smiled. This old man must be senile. He had only mentioned that a kid had asked for it, thinking that it looked pretty. To think that the old man would hand him something else that looked even nicer to get him to return the previous one. He merely thought of this in passing.


Qing Shui crushed that pair of beautiful jade bangles into dust. "I almost forgot. Before you guys came, a large bird came and took it away. I'm unable to return it to you."

"Enough!" He Lianba's body fluctuated slightly. Although he was still able to remain calm, everyone could tell that he wasn't feeling calm in his heart. Everyone knew that Qing Shui was just toying with them. At the beginning, they could only play along with him, but having been fooled to such a degree, there wasn't a need for them to hold it in anymore.

"I'll ask one more time. Will you hand them over or not?" He Lianba said in a cold voice.

"I'm tired. I'll go back and take a nap. Please feel free!" Qing Shui turned and left.

He Lianba was so infuriated that he was steaming up. He watched as Qing Shui's figure disappeared.

"Break the formation! Break the formation! I want this formation broken regardless of the price!" He Lianba bellowed out.

One of the few elderly men took out something like an art scroll. It was silver in color and filled with divine spiritual Qi. He walked up next to He Lianba and said, "Elder Brother, are we really going to be using this?"

"There's no room for reservations. We must break the formation. We mustn't lose the Mortal Legacy." He Lianba gritted his teeth and said.

That old man nodded and held onto that art scroll that was three feet long and one feet wide. It was filled with a holy aura and as the old man waved his hand, the art scroll floated up above the formation. A hint of snow-white glow shone down and the formation started to disintegrate at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

Qing Shui looked at the art scroll and was taken by surprise. This thing was so mysterious. What on earth was it? To think that it could engulf his formation as if it was eating something and wanted to devour the formation entirely.

It was fine for the formation to be gone. Qing Shui got everyone to stand on guard.

The formation was broken after the time for an incense to burn. The art scroll in the sky also disappeared.

"Young man, are you going to handover that bangle now?" He Lianba's tone now got back some of his dominance.

"I've told you, I won't hold back against the person who destroy my formation. Clearly, you guys didn't take my words seriously." Qing Shui looked coldly at He Lianba as he walked out.

"You've guts. Young man, it's an easy feat for me to flatten this place." He Lianba wasn't sure if the Nine-Mortal Steps and the Giant Golden Spiritual Figure were on Qing Shui. He didn't wish to take action right away for fear that he might not be able find the Nine-Mortal Steps and Giant Golden Spiritual Figure after killing these people.

"You won't hold back? Young man, come on, let me see how capable you are. Oh, right, your formation isn't bad. How about it, are you interested to join our He Clan? You'll be able to enjoy beauties, wealth, glory, riches, status, and respect. You won't have to do anything except to set up a few formations here and there occasionally." He Lianba smiled and said.

He was starting with his threats and temptations again.

"Why, do you doubt He Clan's capabilities? Our He Clan dominates over the Mortal City and after joining us, you'll earn respect and soar to great heights immediately." He Lianba emphasized on the He Clan's status.

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