AST 2462 - Killing He Yining, Interspatial Bangle

Chapter 2462 - Killing He Yining, Interspatial Bangle


Qing Shui's kick stomped down on He Yining's chest, throwing him down towards the ground. A hint of blood once again leaked out from the corners of He Yining's lips.

Previously, He Yining had also raised his strength to the extreme. At that moment, his body was overwhelmingly powerful. Therefore, even though Qing Shui's attack was also very strong, it had barely managed to injure He Yining. The latter's injuries weren't too severe, but it was his Nine-Mortal Steps that had been interrupted.


Qing Shui's figure went crashing down and he stomped down abruptly once again!

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

The Hidden Force damaged without leaving any trace. Qing Shui's Hidden Force had a soft strength that was comparable to that of a merger between one's spirit energy and physical body. When Qing Shui performed it, he targeted specific parts of He Yining's...

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