AST 2456 - Advance Paragon Pill, Accidental Contact

Chapter 2456 - Advance Paragon Pill, Accidental Contact

Qing Shui didn't take any fancy on the few things that followed and He Fan didn't bid either. However, shortly after, when another item was brought up, Qing Shui's eyes lit up when it was revealed.

It was a snow-white pearl that was placed in a porcelain bottle. The pearl was the size of a child's fist.

"This is an Advance Paragon Pill. It can let demonic beast's blood lineage advance a lot in their varying aspects. It is unsure how much the increment is. The bidding will start. The bids will only be accepted if the seller is satisfied with the items," The beautiful lady said calmly.

This was how such auctions were like. People would place bids and the items would be compared. However, the freedom to establish a transaction would still be in the seller. The seller could close the bidding at any moment, such as in the...

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