AST 2454 - Divine Grade Auction Hall, Divine Grade Stunner

Chapter 2454 - Divine Grade Auction Hall, Divine Grade Stunner

Qing Shui swept her off of her feet, lowered his head to seal up those red and plump lips, then headed for the bedroom.

There were snow-white bedsheets on the soft bed, and the two of them sank right into it. Qing Shui's tongue moved its way nimbly through Tantai Lingyan's teeth and reached into her intoxicating mouth, sucking on her tender tongue.

Her lips were like flowers, being extremely tender and emitting a faint fragrance.

He greedily sucked on the nectar, releasing smacking sounds and causing moans to reverberate around the room, sounding like music to Qing Shui’s ears.

His hands moved their way through to the mountains and her tender skin felt even better than white jade. Not long later, a beautiful lady was presented stark naked before Qing Shui.

Her perky breasts were still standing upright. It could be because she had given birth to a daughter...

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