AST 2453 - Qing Shui, Tantai Lingyan, Qing Tan

Chapter 2453 - Qing Shui, Tantai Lingyan, Qing Tan

There was a pond in the manor. Due to its small size, it could really only be called a pond. The water inside was clear and the fish were swimming under the aquatic plants. There was a willow next to the pond that wasn't big but could cover about one-fifth of the pond.

Qing Shui stood under a tree, a little out of sorts as he pondered over many things. There were people he missed, people he had passed by, and people who were no longer human.

Suddenly, he sensed a familiar aura. He turned his head in disbelief and saw Tantai Lingyan, who wasn't standing far away from him.

Her plain snow-white clothes couldn't hide her beautiful figure with soft curves. Her beautiful face had the beauty that could cause the fall of countries and cities, with a hint of sacredness amidst the coolness. It made it hard for one to think of...

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