AST 2452 - Tantai Lingyan's Daughter, the Mortal City

Chapter 2452 - Tantai Lingyan's Daughter, the Mortal City

The Nine Moons Domain's Taiqing Emperor City, located in the extreme North!

Tantai Lingyan was now in a palace hall. It wasn't very big, but the decorations were giving off a warm feeling. The floor was covered in a snow-white carpet and the entire room was very clean.

She appeared to be spotless, dressed in snow-white clothes. She was pretty as a picture, appearing to be cold and as if she was an existence that transcendent the secular world. However, there was a hint of gentleness between her brows. Not far away, a lass who was about two years old ran toward her.


The lass was exquisite looking, like a porcelain doll. She bore a 70% resemblance to Tantai Lingyan, but had an additional hint of mischief. She wore a thin princess dress and a small bell on her ankle. As she ran, a series of crisp bell tones would ring out.

Tantai Lingyan's face softened even...

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