AST 2450 - Nine Moons Domain, Wenren Wugou?

Chapter 2450 - Nine Moons Domain, Wenren Wugou?

"I can. I can send you guys over directly to the Nine Moons Domain's borders." The lady answered.

"Then we'll have to thank Senior. However, you'll have to withstand the agony of having 10,000 arrows piercing your heart if you do so."

"This bit of pain is nothing. I've been through it countless times."

Qing Shui was stunned and didn't ask any further. They were in the sky above the Death Ghost Ship and faint black Qi swirled around them. Qing Shui wasn't afraid that the lady would pull any tricks as there was no need for her to go to such troubles.

Then, with a slight moment of blurriness, everyone appeared in another place.

They were still out, in the Sea of Death, and there was no sight of the shore.

"I can only send you up until here. Head north and in three days, you'll be able to enter the Nine Moons...

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