AST 2449 - Powerful White Bone Spirit? Remodeling A Physical Body

Chapter 2449 - Powerful White Bone Spirit? Remodeling A Physical Body

"Death Ghost Ship? What's that?" Qing Shui asked, puzzled.

He saw Ling Chen's expression. It was definitely not an ordinary thing, given that it could cause an existence like Ling Chen to turn pale. Judging by its name, it was something terrifying.

"The Death Ghost Ship is a symbolic item to the Sea of Death. Or rather, it could be said that the reason the Sea of Death was given its name was due to this Death Ghost Ship. People who encounter the Death Ghost Ship basically have no chance of surviving." Ling Chen was a powerful cultivator and quickly calmed himself down. Anyway, even if it was dangerous, it would cause one to be filled with a heroic spirit. The more dangerous something was, the more people would want to venture into it.

"Oh? Is that thing so nefarious?" Qing Shui also began feeling curious about it.

Ling Chen nodded. "What should we do now? It is said that it comes from the ancient era and is a real legend. However, no one has mentioned encountering it before. They say that it is because anyone who has encountered the Death Ghost Ship has died. To think that we managed to meet it, I don't know if we should consider ourselves lucky or unlucky."

"It's really hard to tell. Fortune and misfortune come together. This Death Ghost Ship might have many divine artifacts and treasures on it." Qing Shui wasn't very scared. Still, he went on his guard and even used his Heavenly Vision Technique to look toward the Death Ghost Ship that came from afar.

At one glance, Qing Shui's expression appeared strange. His Heavenly Vision Technique couldn't see the interior and he could only see black fog inside. He was unable to see anything else.

As the Death Ghost Ship got increasingly closer, Qing Shui and the others felt that the pressure was getting increasingly heavier. This was a deadly pressure, causing one to experience breathing difficulties. Right now, everyone felt that what Ling Chen had said earlier was true.

Rather than being passive, they might as well be proactive in attacking. Qing Shui could see the Death Ghost Ship clearly by now, especially the escalating eye-piercing, snow-white bones on it. The bone image was very elegant, giving the feeling that it was both eerie and beautiful.

Qing Shui struck out a punch from afar, and this made him feel even more apprehensive. That strike seemed as if it had sunk in the ocean, not causing any waves at all. The surroundings were so quiet that it seemed possible to hear the drop of a pin. That, in addition to the huge nefarious Death Ghost Ship, made everyone's scalp feel numb.

Qing Shui suddenly had the feeling that his spirit energy was being tugged at. His countenance changed as he looked at the surroundings. Everyone around him was also in a daze. This was a condition where their spirits had left their bodies.


A bright sound that was like the sound of Buddha rumbled and everyone was awakened. They were struck by fear. Earlier on, they had experienced illusions. Very beautiful illusions. Those were experiences that they yearned for the most and were the most wonderful, making one unwilling to wake up.

All of them turned flush red, and then felt terror after thinking about it. 

Qing Shui quickly circulated all of his skills, including Area Dominance.

A white halo encompassed them. Qing Shui then struck out once again; this time around, he performed the Buddha Ultimate Art - Buddha Diamond Seal.

The Buddha Diamond Seal could perform attacks in addition to adding his, as well as other people's defenses. The attacks would be at the level of Qing Shui's strength and would be incorporated with the power of Buddhism.

Qing Shui felt that the Death Ghost Ship was very eerie and nefarious, therefore Area Dominance and the Buddha Ultimate Art should be very effective.


That time around, a loud thunderous sound rang out. A lady walked out from the Death Ghost Ship. The lady didn't give off any auras. She wore pitch-black clothes and wore a bamboo hat. Her entire body was covered by the black dress.

Qing Shui couldn't see any of her features with his Heavenly Vision Technique. He could only see her great figure and nothing else.

Her hands fell down both sides of her body as she stood on the deck at the ship's bow. She didn't give off any aura or life vitality. Qing Shui was shaken by this. His Heavenly Vision Technique could occasionally allow him to see that it was a snow-white skeletal structure.

White Bone Spirit?

Ghost Cultivators existed in this world. For example, one could channel Spiritual Sense into a skeleton. They were also considered Yin Cultivators. Although they were referred to as ghosts, they were just an extension of life. The person was still the same as before, but had merely taken on a different form.

Therefore, even when they saw an existence that was like a dead person, it wouldn't astonish them as much.

Qing Shui pressed forward slightly, cupping his fists as he said to the lady, "Senior, we are just passing by and have no intentions of offending you. Please do show some mercy."

The black-clothed lady stood at the deck, unmoving. No one knew if she was looking at Qing Shui's group or not, but the Death Ghost Ship gradually came to a stop.

"I have been cursed and can only drift along the Sea of Death. Once someone passes by the Sea of Death successfully before me, I'll be punished by having ten thousand arrows shot at my heart." A cold and slightly alluring voice rang out.

Qing Shui frowned, unable to think of what to say.

"Are you planning on barging your way through?" The female voice rang out.

"Senior, we don't wish to offend you, but we don't wish to die either." Qing Shui was thinking of ways to avoid this tribulation.

"On the Sea of Death, I can quickly appear anywhere. Unless you can leave the Sea of Death within a short period of time, this will be the end of you." The female voice rang out once again.

"You are mistaken if you think that we cannot leave. I have a magic treasure that can help us leave. But Senior, why do you have to make things difficult for us? Committing more killing sins won't bring you any good." Qing Shui said.

"But I have no other way out, either. I have no idea how many years it has been since I've drifted on the Sea of Death. I've been harmed by landing in this state, unable to die nor live." The lady's voice was filled with overwhelming fury.

"I feel that Senior should still be alive," Qing Shui said seriously.

"Even though my body died, my spirit still lives on. This is just a great agony for me. Right now, I don't ask for anything else but death. Are you able to grant me my wish?" The lady looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui frowned as he looked at her. Very long later, he spoke slowly, "If you don't resist, I can kill you. But if you wish to live, that is fine as well. I can help you remodel a physical body."

The lady was stunned. This was really a surprise. She stared at Qing Shui for a very long time, "Are you sure that you're able to do this for me?"

She was just a skeleton, a divine grade skeleton without a physical body. She had been sealed onto this Death Ghost Ship.

"I'm sure, but it might be a little painful. You should know of medicinal pills that can bring a person back to life and grow new flesh on their bones," Qing Shui said.

The lady shook her head. "Those medicinal pills are ineffective against me. Young man, you're very kind."

"What if I were to add the Spring of Life?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

The black-clothed lady shivered slightly. Her lean figure was actually just a set of bones, but Qing Shui was the only one who could actually see that through his Heavenly Vision Technique. To the others, she was an alluring lady with a great figure.

"Take this!" Qing Shui tossed the medicinal pill that was made from the Spring of Life, the Flower of Life, and other ingredients over. With the Treasure Basin and other things, the effect of that medicinal pill was much better.

The lady caught it, took a long look at it before she looked at Qing Shui, "Aren't you afraid that I could kill you after I have my body remodeled?"

"I told you, I can escape if I wish to. It's just that even after I escape, I'll still come again and that's troublesome. Moreover, you can't leave this ship." Qing Shui replied.

"After I get a remodeled physical body, I can break this seal within three years." The lady said slowly.

"Then can Senior let us leave now?" Qing Shui asked.

"I can. I can send you guys over directly to the Nine Moons Domain's borders." The lady answered.

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